How to wear your sock boots with confidence

How to wear your sock boots with confidence

How to wear your sock boots with confidence

Sock boots have officially become part of any stylish person’s wardrobe. However, if you have yet to jump on board this trend train, we can understand why.

Is it because you are unsure of how to wear them? we thought so. Don’t worry. We’ve put together some outfit ideas to help you rock your sock boots with confidence.


Since the boots are fitted at the ankle, they will slide underneath most pairs of jeans comfortably.

Or if you don’t want to rock denim, get yourself cropped tracksuit pants. Cropped styles of trousers are the way to go for those weary of sock boots. They eliminate any awkward ankle bunching. As a result, you have a stylish and streamlined outfit.

Pick a style with a pointed toe and you’ll also get some amazing leg-lengthening benefits.


Culottes may seem like a winter item but you can rock them during summer too. Pair a brown pair with a striped white and navy top and some black sock boots. To add a touch of glamour to your look, rock some red lipstick and your favourite pair of sunglasses.

Tortoise Shell Heel Sock Boots from Dune London

Tortoise Shell Heel Sock Boots from Dune London

Midi Dress

A midi dress and sock boots are a match made in fashion heaven. The flowy silhouette of the dress contrasts perfectly with the fitted, heeled boot.

Any dress works, but as it is summer, why not go for a printed and floral midi look paired with black sock boots.

Skinny Jeans

This look can take some trial and error but it can be done. Most pair of sock boots can fit comfortably underneath your favourite pair of skinny jeans. To streamline your look, go for a stiletto style versus a rounded toe.

Mix Textures

So you bought yourself a pair of printed trousers and are too afraid to wear them? Maybe they are in velvet and you feel intimidated wearing them. Don’t be. Pull one those trousers of yours and just go for it. Having confidence in what you wear makes anything look stylish.


How to wear your sock boots with confidence

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