How to look good in a V Neck jumper this season

How to look good in a V Neck jumper this season

How to look good in a V Neck jumper this season

For a long time, the fashion rule was that crew necks are good and V-necks bad. But we are here to tell you to ignore that.

Entirely unassuming, the humble V-neck is a building block for a classic wardrobe. Of course, the risk of this iconic neckline is that, without some flair, you risk looking like a Dad. But the good news is that the modern V-neck is dramatic and easy to turn into a stylish look.

Here are just some of the ways you can style yours this season.

Suit Up

A V-neck jumper is more than a way to keep warm when you have to wear a suit. Just avoid the temptation to colour outside the lines. V-necks come in a variety of shades but keep things basic. Classic colours of white shirts and grey sweaters with a well-tailored suit never fail.

Back In Time

One of the easiest ways to look fashion forward is to mix two trending necklines. The roll neck popping out from beneath your V-neckline.

It does have a 1970s vibe; however, anyone can wear it. For a modern take, pair a white coloured roll neck under a blue or grey V-neck, without accessories. For something a bit hip, clash a roll neck in a mustard shade with a maroon V-neck.

But just be prepared to fend off the odd Alan Partridge comment.

Pure Extra Fine Lambswool V-Neck Jumper from Marks & Spencer Ireland

Pure Extra Fine Lambswool V-Neck Jumper from Marks & Spencer Ireland

Texture Mix

If this season has taught us anything, is that it is okay to mix your textures. The best V-necks add depth to your look, making them perfect for another trending fabric. Corduroy. Try a cord trouser in a soft honey colour.

However, if this look screams geography teacher to you, fear not. Toughen up your outfit with a leather biker jacket or wool overcoat. The former takes your look in a more rebellious direction. The latter adds a touch of personality.

Cricket Sweater

The resurgence of the V-neck jumper is partly due to David Beckham and his co-ownership of brand Kent & Curwen. This British label invented the cricket sweater in the 1930s, kickstarting the whole V-neck trend.

Years later, this iconic knit has been reimagined with subtle striped collars, both in classic white and fancy deep navy. They work best with tailored trousers and an overcoat, with or without a shirt underneath.

Go Bare

Rescue the V-neck’s sexier side by wearing au natural. But toe the fine line between classy and trashy. Stick to muted shades and fine fabrics. Think wool and silk blends, merino or cashmere.

You can thank designers for bringing this look into the fashion forefront. It shows collarless, V-neck button-down shirts that look modern under suits or blazers.

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