How to apply eyeliner on upturned eyes

How to apply eyeliner on upturned eyes

How to apply eyeliner on upturned eyes. Similar to almond eyes, upturned ones have an oval shape and natural upward lift at the outer edges. The lower lid tends to be more prominent and appears much longer than the top lid. Which is why when it comes to applying your eyeliner, you’ll want to enhance your eyes natural symmetry and shape.

Read on for four eyeliner techniques that will help your strike that balance.

Smoky Liner

A natural, smoked out liner can look great on everyone. Particularly those of you with upturned eyes as it highlights your natural shape. To create your smoky liner, it’s best to use a eyeliner pencil. This will give you more control as you can build up the coverage and intensity.

Start by lining your upper and lower lash line. Then, apply a thick line on the outer corners and use a small brush to smudge out the product. Concentrating the smoky effect on the outer corners will emphasise the natural upturn of your eye shape.

Winged Liner

If you have upturned eyes that are closed together, doing a winged liner will make them appear larger. However, start your liner in the middle of your top lash line and use a liquid formula. Going too close to your inner corner can make your eyes look smaller.

Also make sure to keep your line thin and make your wing small. Dragging your wing out towards your temples will exaggerate the natural upturn of your eyes. As a result, your liner can change the shape of your eyes.

Upper Lash Liner

Highlighting your inner corners is a technique that is used by makeup artist to make them pop. For those of you with upturned eyes that are wider apart, doing this trick will help them to appear more wide-set. For a Cleopatra-inspired look, create a small point in the inner corners.

This technique will help you create the illusion of eyes that are more closed together. And when you go to highlight your eyes, they will look even and bright.

Lower Lash Liner

To keep your makeup looking balanced, do not be afraid to apply eyeliner to your bottom lash line. Naturally, with upturned eyes, your lower lids tend to be more prominent, so apply a thin line at your waterline and lower lash line. As a result, your eyes will look more symmetrical.

For your bottom eyeliner, use a gel liner or pencil one for easier application.

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