How to style a leather jacket in your 50s

How to style a leather jacket in your 50s

How to style a leather jacket in your 50s

Leather jackets have made a permanent place in menswear. A fashion that was once only popular in movies and TV shows is now a regular staple for men.

It’s hard to even think about fashion without adding leather outer to the list. They say the piece of clothing is only associated with young guys, so what about those who crossed their 50’s?

Celebrities like Liam Neeson and Harrison Ford have proved this theory wrong. No matter how much you’ve aged or grown grey hairs, a leather jacket will still give you a tough guy appeal. Let us share with you 5 tips on how to style leather jacket in 50’s

Pick the right colour that can rotate with every cloth

Colour combination makes a big difference in fashion. When you’re in the ’50s or above, funky colours like maroon, blue, or red will not look good. It is better to stick with classic brown and black jacket because it will combine perfectly whether sunny days or night outs.

A leather blazer is the ultimate masterpiece

The biggest trend of this century is a blazer. A fashion that was once only a work wear is not utilised in both formal and casual occasions. It can be worn alone over any dress code but if you want to compliment your style, sport a black blazer with casual shirt and jeans.

Leave the jacket front open

If you want to show off our casual side, avoid zipping up your jacket. Leaving your jacket front open compliments the overall getup and highlight how nicely your leather jacket is matching with your clothes.

4Bomber Jackets are classic piece for guys over 50’s

A jacket that was once used by jet pilots in WWII is now a trendy choice for men with grey hairs. Universally described as a flight jacket gives a more masculine feeling and provides extra warmth experience. Regardless of age, anyone can style a bomber.

Avoid wearing tank top or ripped jeans

You may have styled these clothes in your 20’s but it’s time to give up anything that leaves a bad impression. When you’re in the 50’s, it is better to avoid all sorts of funky and colourful dressing. For guys under or above 50’s, it is better to stick to neutral fashion because it makes the person look simple.


How to style a leather jacket in your 50s

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