Ways to style ladies straight leg jeans this summer

Ways to style ladies straight leg jeans this summer

Ways to style ladies straight leg jeans this summer

As we all know, stylish women love fashion. It’s a chance for us to express the way we feel while showing off our fashion skills. Jeans as a true fashion staple for every women’s wardrobe for many reasons. Along with being comfy, they offer versatility to day and night fashion dress.

Given the many jean designs available, there is nothing much better than the straight leg ladies jeans. They allow us to diversify away from other jeans looks like skinny jeans or moms jeans.

Straight leg jeans are much easier to style as well. They can be paired with almost any items in our wardrobe offering more flexibility in the way we dress. We have put together some ideas on how to style your straight leg jeans effortlessly this summer. Each look is easy to manage, taking your look from day to night with ease.

The straight leg jeans and top

Sharp looking straight leg jeans with fresh hem finishes can complete easily as a replacement for skinny jeans. During the summer months, it’s a great opportunity to fuse them with daring bold-hued tops.

This look is perfect daytime fashion when going about your daily duties. Neutral shades are also a great option for that relaxed killer look. One good fashion tip to remember is keep any accessorising to a minimum. This avoids any clashing with your top. A comfortable pair of flats or ladies wedges make for the perfect finish.

The straight Jeans and a Sweater effect

It’s always handy to have extra laying on hand in case there is a change in temperature. It’s summer and warm days are never a given. Having a nice ladies sweater or jumper to pair with your straight leg jeans should always be an option. This summer, trendy stripped sweaters are on trend.

They offer versatility to your overall finish and can be paired with easily with plain wear with ladies sneakers or open toe sandals. Keep your stripped top coding down to a basic two colour block. This helps balance your overall finished fashion silhouette.

The straight leg -belted white shirt combo

We love this look as it’s perfect day or night time fashion for any stylish lady. A crisp white oversized shirt fused with straight leg jeans looks chic.

By adding a belt to your shirt completes your look beautifully. All that is required is add a wide belt to your shirt (untucked) and let the tails hang loose. Complete this fab look with a colourful pair of kitten heels. This swanky look is a great summer look for any true fashionista.

Straight fit cropped jeans from Mango

Straight fit cropped jeans from Mango

The straight leg jeans and pastel blazer finish

This is when you want to add a little more finesse to your fashion look finish. It’s classy and allows to inject a bit of femininity to your summer day or evening look.

However, this is all about co-ordination. Fuse your straight leg jeans with a simple yet effective plain blouse or shirt. Neutral colours are a great option. Add a pastel boyfriend-style blazer and complete with a pair of stylish ladies platform sandals. Keep any accessioning to a minimum. Keep your look is plain, simple yet effective.

Tips when buying straight leg jeans

There are a few simple things to remember when buying straight legs jeans. This will help ensure you get the pair that feel comfortable.

  • Ensure that when you try on your jeans that they pull up comfortably. You should never have to struggle when pulling them on.
  • Don’t forget that most denim shrinks after several washes so it’s always advisable to opt for a size up to ensure they feel comfortable as time goes by.
  • Ensure that there is no “grab room” around the crotch area. This means they are too big.
  • Get the length right. Whether you are wearing your straight leg jeans with flats, sneakers or heels, the length of the jeans must always be the right finish.
  • Always try on your jeans before purchase. Bend down and touch your toes while wearing them. If they feel too tight on the bum area then you need to move up a size.
  • Consider the colour of your denim. This is important. You should be able to pair your straight leg jeans with at least 40% of your current wardrobe stock.
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