Ladies square toe shoe styles to watch for in 2020

Ladies square toe shoe styles to watch for in 2020

Ladies square toe shoe styles to watch for in 2020

Following on from last season of fashion, the square toe shoe are set to be the “in thing” this year. Some fashion critics claim their look are a throwback to the 90’s but with more intricate designs.

The simple fact of the matter is you either love or hate the look of the square toe shoe design. Since their design launch in 2019, most shoe design labels have jumped on the bandwagon, producing various designs in different textures and colours.

We have to admit we simply love them because they offer something different to shoe wear. Unlike pointed or round toe finish shoes, the square style shoe can refocus the look of the foot which is great for those of you with different shape feet.

We take a look at 5 different style square toe footwear to consider this fashion season. All cater for various occasions but will compliment any outfit when paired correctly.

The square toe low sandal shoe

A flat shoe is always fashionable but add the square toe effect and you can make your look interesting. For some it’s seen as a fusion of classical meets contemporary shoe fashion.

It is certainly a comfortable choice of footwear that can be dressed with ladies dresses, jeans or jumpsuits.

Weave Two Part Shoes from Next Ireland

Weave Two Part Shoes from Next Ireland

The square toe heeled sandal shoe

Elevate your shoe fashion look in something a bit more up lifting. The heel of the shoe combined with its square toe design levitates the heel which can elongate the look of your pins that softly fall to the tip of its square tip base. This look is stunning and best matched with a neutral fitted jumpsuit.

The square toe loafer shoe

This style offers more of a conservative accession to your shoe look. It’s design is perfectly set up for practical weekend wear or the office.

Its wide sole base offers more of a sturdy platform for the underfoot making them extra comfortable. These can pair great with three quarter length pants for chic office attire. Don’t be scared to experiment with different choices of colours but keep your bottoms neutral.

The square toe mule design shoe

For those of your ladies out there who are not a fan of the strappy sandal, then the mule heel is a great substitute. The great things about the mule shoe is that your foot can simple glide into the shoe.

An added bonus is that because of the square shape of the square toe mule is you won’t feel your toe grazing at the tip of the shoe. This is a great opportunity to experiment with different styles and designs.

Pop or ankle socks can also be added as an extra comforter to the feet. Opt for different colours and designs based on the occasion of wear.

The square toe boot look

This look is for later in the year when the climate dims down to autumn and winter temperatures. The exciting thing about the square toe boot look is you can challenge various looks with their many different designs.

From ankle size to mid-length up to total knee height, the square toe boot look can look chic and sexy when paired correctly with your wardrobe.


Ladies square toe shoe styles to watch for in 2020

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