Basic belt rules every man should follow

Basic belt rules every man should follow

Basic belt rules every man should follow. Believe it or not, there are some rules to know when it comes to wearing a belt.

There is no point wearing a stunning suit and smart shoes only to finish the look off with a casual belt. Or pairing your sporty trousers and tee with a slim leather belt.

Read on for some important rules to remember when wearing belts.

Have At Least Two

Before you choose to buy a belt, you need to consider your clothing, accessories and the event. One belt will not work for everything so it’s best to invest in at least two.

A tan or brown belt works best for casual occasions. Keep your clothes simple if you want to go for a stunning colour combination, navy and blues add a touch of warm to your look.

To make you look elegant, emphasise the minimalistic without the fussy textures. Black needs to stay on top of your list, as it’s often used in suits or business clothing. Make sure your belt stays low-key but still attractive enough to grab attention.

Men's UA Showdown Tapered Trousers from Under Armour

Men’s UA Showdown Tapered Trousers from Under Armour

Belt And Shoes Need To Match

In terms of colour, a black belt matches perfectly with black shoes. The same method applies for brown or navy. However, it’s important to pay attention to the materials. If your brings along the wet look, your belt should look shiny and glossy. The same goes for leather, fabric or woven canvas.

Buckle Should Match Other Accessories

When it comes to style and looking good, it’s all about the details. An important tip if you are going for an interview. It’s important to remember the connection between all of your accessories.

Your belt buckle needs to go with your tie bars, cuff links watch, and even the metal details in your dress shoes.

Avoid combining your belt with suspenders. As they usually serve the same purpose, it looks weird and unprofessional.

Keep it Simple For Formal Wear

When you want to look formal, it’s best to choose a simple belt with one classic buckle. For those of you who are more plus sized, go for a side-adjuster. The result is that they prevent people looking at your waist line.

Formal VS Casual

When it comes to wearing a belt, how do you know if you should wear it for formal or casual occasions. Normally, belts that measure around 1 ¼ inches and attaches to a single buckle are more formal. Wider belts that contain a unique design should be use in more casual settings.

If you are in dress shoes – Derby or Oxfords etc – go for a narrow leather belt. It delivers a more masculine and professional appearance. You can also combine this belt with chinos, dark jeans and dress pants.

For sporty sneakers, a casual belt is more appropriate. You can choose one that is made from high-end fabrics or canvas. It depends on your own personal style.



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