Fashion tips to choosing the right Ladies strapless dress Ireland

Fashion tips to choosing the right Ladies strapless dress

Fashion tips to choosing the right Ladies strapless dress

We all know that all our body types are different, this is what makes us all special in our own way. Most of us want to highlight our curves and better time than summer months to do this.

It’s an opportunity for us ladies to go bare shoulder and a great strapless dress allows us to do this. We have put together some fashion tips to help you choose the right strapless dress for your body.

The pear shape figure

This body shape is considered to be the most common amongst women today. Its name is given because it represents the shape of the pear fruit. Celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce rock this beautiful body look. This shape puts the attention on your bum and hips opposed to the bust area.

It allows for a gentle upper body structure boasting your arms and shoulder look. These radiant combinations simply makes a strapless dress a great choice for this shape.

The right choice for this style dress draws attention to your upper body. Designs that include scalloped and embellished necklines always keep the attention to the top half of the body.

The A-line design is a super choice because it slims down the area around your hips while highlighting your upper body. This also applies to any knee length hemlines with empire waists. For taller ladies, a long length dress is also another great option. Remember, you need the height to pull this off.

The apple or diamond body shape

The apply shaped body means you have a fuller bust area, broader shoulders and fuller figure. The arms, legs, and hips have a tendency to be thinner and with more shape. It promotes any gain of weight to the waistline area.

Celebrities like Liz Hurley or Kate Winslet share these body shapes. It allows you to promote your bust in the perfect A-line dress. These type dresses are good because the A-line design actually lengthens your body while a sweetheart neckline draws attention to the cleavage while framing the facial area.

Because this body shape allows for more leaner and shapely legs, opt for a shorter dress design. An air of caution though. Never choose a dress that draws attention to the stomach or waistline. Avoid any type of clothes with built in belt at the waistline

The straight or rectangular body shape

If you body is squarish or looks any bit boyish, then you can look toward celebrities like Cameron Diaz or Keira Knightley for fashion inspiration.

This is another common body shape amongst ladies. Take the hour glass figure and silence the waist a small bit. This shape is known as rectangular body shape. It is defined by a smaller bust and narrower hips that has an undefined waist. The beauty about this body shape is that any gain in weight is distributed evenly across your body.

For this look you need a dress that highlights any curves and promotes provides an attractive silhouette. Dresses that defined your waistline are the perfect choice.

Opt for a design preferably with a fitted bodice with border prints. This will help to promote your curves. A peplum strapless dress will administer extra shape.

Bear in mind that the choice of dress you choose should balance the volume to both your lower and upper area in equal proportion. Consider a knee-length or short style dress because ladies with this body type normally have more shapely legs.

The inverted triangle shape

This body shape applies to celebrities like Cindy Crawford or Renee Zellweger. It’s more of an athletic look with broader shoulders and narrow hips the main centre. It concentrates on a more expansive upper body with a fuller back and bust.
For this type of body shape, the legs are the real asset that need to be maximised at all times.

To nail this look, try and style you look that divert attention away from the broad shoulders and focus on the promoting the leaner lower body.

The A-line or mermaid dress with an empire waist in both a mini or maxi dress finish offer the perfect stylish finish
The key focus here is to add volume to your lower body area. The likes of full skirt designs with embellishments attract attention to your hips.

The hourglass body shape

When you think of this body type, Kim Kardashian comes straight to mind. However, it’s not a common body shape shared by a minority of women.

It is a curvy body shape that promotes a fuller bust, more shapely legs defined waistline. When it comes to strapless dresses, the world is your oyster.

A chic strapless bodycon dress with a sweetheart neckline along with a tube dress with a sheath skirt are the perfect choices here.

The rule of thumb here is to emphasise your waistline and curves. Choose a dress with that provides for definition of the waist. It can be complimented by accessorising using a belt. Avoid any type of dress with an empire design. A stylish and sexy pencil skirt is a great choice.

Choose the right bra for your strapless dress

Wearing a strapless dress means you don’t want any bra straps on show. It is a big no no and a comfortable bodysuit or strapless bra are great options.

If you are happy with your tummy that doesn’t need that extra control, you can always go braless. Failing this, a bodysuit can help tone down your stomach area and can provide adequate support to your torso.


Fashion tips to choosing the right Ladies strapless dress

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