Fashion tips to wearing short ladies summer dress Ireland

Fashion tips to wearing short ladies summer dress

Fashion tips to wearing short ladies summer dress

The summer is here and so bring on the short summer dresses. They are the perfect piece of fashion for those long warm summer days. Beautiful summer dresses allow us to reveal a little more leg than normal but styling your short dress is key to any finish.

While a short summer dress looks chic, there are a few tricks to remember when wearing one. From the length and material to the colour and patterns are important.

So, how can you dress your short dress with confidence this summer? We have put together a few fashion tips to wearing a short dress that every gal should know.

Black And White Polkadot Rica Skater Dress from Silk Fred

Black And White Polkadot Rica Skater Dress from Silk Fred

Cycling shorts under your dress

Most summer dresses look great, but wardrobe malfunctions are a high possibility given their length and design. To prevent any embarrassing moments of your undies on show, a neutral pair of comfortable cycling shorts can stop blushes and keep your modesty intact.

Evade really tight mini dresses

Given it is summer, you want to enjoy the freedom of movement to the body with your dress. Avoid tight fitting dresses as they not only show off any unwanted lump or bumps but can ride up your thighs also.

A good short summer dress should be comfortable and allow you to move about in a relaxed manner without having to keep pulling your dress back into place.

Keep accessories to a minimum

This is key to nailing any short summer dress look. Your legs are your assets so let them do them do the talking. Don’t divert attention away from your dress or pins with wild and over bearing accessories.

Get the balance of skin on display right

If you short mini dress is designed to show off your legs then start by covering up other areas of the body. Balance is key to any perfect styling. OK, you want the sun and warm air to hit your arms but keep this in proportion to your outfit design. You want your look to be chic yet modest while donning a short dress.

Consider the right underwear under your dress

It is worth investing in quality undies when wearing a short mini dress. This can not only emphasise your curves but avoid any visible panty lines or VPL’s.

Also you want to ensure your undies are classy and comfortable in case of any wardrobe malfunctions. Neutral coloured knickers are always a good choice when wearing a short mini summer dress.

The correct length is key

The definition of short is defined by a person’s own height or size. All our body sizes are different and what is short for you may not be that short on someone else.

The correct length of any short mini dress is right below your fingertips when you rest your arms on either side. Avoid going any shorter than that. This will allow for your dress to compliment your body size but will make it comfortable to wear.

Maintain your great looking legs

One common problem that ladies forget before wearing any short dress is to ensure their legs are well moisturised. Dry and dull looking pins are not complimentary regardless how good your choice of dress is.

For a classy finish ensure that you shave your legs and apply adequate moisturiser afterwards. This provides nourishment to the skin that will make your legs shine.

Consider your choice of footwear

Wearing high heels can be problematic when wearing a short summer dress. They are harder to walk in and may lead to a fall exposing what’s under your dress than the dress itself.

An elevated heel height can create an impression that your dress is shorter than it is. A stylish pair of women’s shoes like comfy flats or trainers are a great choice.

They allow you to move around in comfort while maintain that great look. If heels are for you then stick to kitten heels. They are eloquent without being to problematic.

Experiment with the hemline of your dress

High to low or even asymmetrical hemlines can add a contemporary slant to your short dress look. It allows for more leg coverage while maintaining a chic and stylish look to your finish.

The above are just some simple fashion tips to consider when wearing a short summer dress. Given it is summer, your colours should be bright and reflect your own personality and style

Final things to remember 

Always try on your dress before purchase and a good tip is to bend over and touch your toes while wearing the dress. If it feels free and comfortable on the body without your full bum on show then it’s a dress to consider.

One final thing to remember is the material makeup of your chosen dress. Most summer dresses are machine wash which means you can wash it at home as many times as you like. Although “dry clean” summer dresses may look expensive, so is it’s maintenance cost.


Fashion tips to wearing short ladies summer dress

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