Sharp ways to style men’s tracksuits this fashion season

Sharp ways to style men’s tracksuits this fashion season

Sharp ways to style men’s tracksuits this fashion season

Since its first appearance back in the 60’s, the tracksuit today represents at least one piece of modern men’s fashion attire. From its early days when velour and heavy cotton were the foundation of men’s sportswear, the tracksuit has come a long way in the fashion stakes.

This is largely due to the intervention of popular hip-hop music and stylish sport starts making it’s look more attractive. No longer is the tracksuit reserved for the field of sport or even sports men and women.

Even up to date modern styled tracksuits have even managed to make their way into the board room with some of the top CEO’s in the world today choosing it as part of their relaxed apparel look.

So, why is this and how has something so basic like a tracksuit managed to become a daily piece of ultimate leisurewear for men of today?

We take a look to see why so many guys include their tracksuit as part of their dress attire and offer tips on how to style you trackie!

Your tracksuit is active wear

The word tracksuit gets its name as being part of activewear ensemble. However, this isn’t any old excuse to throw together any old pair of sweat pants and top.

Today there is no excuse given the wide selection of fashion garments to compete any guys sports look. The important thing is to remember is that style will play a major part in your choice of tracksuit.

You want it to look fitted and smart but relaxed at the same time. Seek pairs that taper around your calves. This ensures they look present a more streamlined silhouette.

These can be teamed with a relaxed but fitted workout t-shirt and track top or hoodie made from a cool tech-fleece fabric.
Bodywarmers or gilets are also a great choice in warmer weather when you are looking for emergency layering when the temperature drops.
It is also worth spending money and investing in fabrics that elevate sweat from forming on the body. When opting for the colour of your tracksuit, the rule is to keep your look simple.

We recommend neutrals (black, navy or greys) These add a type of urban feel to your look. They also offer some versatility when it comes to pairing with different tops and bottoms.

How to wear your tracksuit casually

The tracksuit has moved away from the chav look of home and around the house. Modern men like the look and feel of a good trackie as they go about their daily chores or while out and about. This type of styling takes a little bit more effort to nail.

You need to start by getting the foundations right. You tracksuit needs to have some type of formation to its look. Both the shape and contrast needs to look good and a fitted grey crew neck fuse well with black or navy fitted track pants.

The look at adding some laying with a classic fitted black gilet that can melt that athleisure look into your finished look. If you are looking at going for the real urbanite look, go full matching uniform to make a true fashion statement.

Adidas stripes or bold Nike logo tracksuits with chunky oversized trainers will do. Watch how Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher pulls off this look. Consider adding the likes of a good quality men’s bomber jacket as an extra option of layering but ensure the fabrics are contrasting.

Accessorising your tracksuit look

For any guy looking to accessorise their tracksuit look the rule is “keep it casual.” It is important not to include any accessories that may be mistake for gym gear.

A simple hat or baseball cap with men’s sunglasses will maintain a that laid back aesthetic. Remember that by using accessories, you can brighten up your tracksuit look.

Shoes to pair with your tracksuit

The right footwear can define the overall look of your tracksuit assemble. For even the most plain tracksuit to the more vibrant, footwear is key to determine your overall finish.

From Balenciaga to Adidas’s Stan Smith trainers can ingrain that real urban aesthetic. These can fuse perfectly with pair a smart pair of tapered track bottoms and a plain tee-shirt.

It is also worth taking into account your choice of socks to add to your footwear. There is nothing worse than a cumbersome pair of white sport socks leering out over the top of an what is an altogether tolerant pair of trainers.

Refined knit material socks that lie flush with your runners ensure a more aqueous line, thus ensuring your final look is an athletic style finish.


Photo by omar rezkallah on Unsplash


Sharp ways to style men’s tracksuits this fashion season

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