Fashion guidelines to wearing open toe ladies shoes

Fashion guidelines to wearing open toe ladies shoes

Fashion guidelines to wearing open toe ladies shoes

There’s nothing quite as sexy as stylish pair a strappy-sandals to put us in a good mood. However, this is providing that the foot inside looks alluring to the eye. The factors are the sandal is fused properly with the right stylish dress, jeans or jumpsuit. We have put together some simple fashion rules to consider before unveiling your shoe in that classic ladies sandal.

Book that pedicure

Your need your toes to look in great shape while wearing any type of open shoe. A quality pedicure helps to remove grazed ugly skin while moistening the heel area. It’s a chance to get those toes painted to fashionable colours of the season. For those of your gals with blisters of bunions that are visible, cover your feet covered until they have healed.

Careful when self-tanning

There is nothing as unsightly as feet that look, they have been half dipped in sun tanning cream. The brown and white bits of the foot can detract the look of any nice-looking shoe or feet. Always air caution when tanning your legs and avoid any ghastly smudging.

Stocking and tights a big no no

There is only one situation where you should consider wearing ladies tights or stocking with open toed shoes. This is when the tights design are opaque with an exciting pattern. However, this is only our opinion to achieve a chic open toe shoe affect. For those of you fancy the tights or stocking look, remember to ensure they are minus any runs, holes or snags in the toe area.

Camel Strappy Double Buckle Sandal from Dune London

Camel Strappy Double Buckle Sandal from Dune London

Shaved legs a necessity

A important rule girls. Make sure to shave your legs before wearing open toed shoes or sandals. You are showing off your feet and need to ensure all about the feet and legs looks good. No one wants to see hairy legs or bristles of hair on show. It cheapens the finish, especially after spending money on a pedicure. Smooth legs look sleek and instil confidence to your overall finish.

Consider the weather

Open toed shoes are not strictly confined to summer wear. They can be worn across all 4 seasons when styled correctly. As we said previously they can be worn effectively during the colder months when paired with a stylish opaque pair of tights. However, common sense is required as open toed shoes are not designed for harsh cold temperatures or snow. Always consider the climate.

The fashion etiquette of the office

This all depends on your own fashion work environment and what type of shoe wear is deemed appropriate. Although in recent years, most companies have relaxed their dress code, it’s worth checking what’s OK to wear. Open toed shoes or sandals are generally accepted as a rule in the Irish fashion workplace. However, do ensure they are good to go in your place of work.


Fashion guidelines to wearing open toe ladies shoes



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