Ways to style your sheath dress this summer

Ways to style your sheath dress this summer

Ways to style your sheath dress this summer

When it comes to Ladies dresses, there can’t be any denying that the sheath dress is right up there with the best. The reason we think that is because it is a timeless design that is flattering to all figures and offers so much versatility.

It’s form-fitting cut makes it a great option for both occasional and office attire for women of all ages and sizes. We have put together some various ways on how to maximise the look of your sheath dress to make you look stylish whatever the occasion.

What to be conscious of when choosing a sheath dress
Check the length

Did you know that the most flattering hemline for a sheath dress is either an in inch above or below the knee? An option that breeches this rule negates the femininity of the dress. This rule also applies to a mid-calf hemline.

The right fit is crucial

This is important and if your choice of dress pinches at your armpits or tugs at the seams then this dress is too small for you. The right fitting dress should fuse to your body but not look like it has been welded to it.

We always recommend that it’s worth investing in a good quality sheath dress that you feel comfortable wearing. If you have to make alterations, then that’s fine as see it as a sound investment to be enjoyed for years to come.

The style must suit your look

If you are coming out of the blocks for the first time with a sheath dress, then we would recommend opting for a light textured neutral fabric.

As you learn to enjoy your dress then you can experiment with other wonderful colours. A sleeveless sheath dress with a classic neckline looks absolutely fab or even a back vented tapered skirt shape is another wonder option. Our tip is to make sure your dress comes with a concealed zipper for a perfect finish.

The slit

This is obviously down to personal preference but a slit adds a real sense of sexiness to your sheath dress. Choose a back or side slit based on what makes you most comfortable. Oh so chic!

Consider the occasion of use

Believe it or not but you will be so surprised how many women forget this when buying any dress. It is so important to remember as your sheath dress is an investment and should be suitable for different occasions.

If you live in a warm climate then you don’t want the fabric of your dress to be heavy. If you depending to strike that great sheath dress look for work, can it be paired with other business like items in your wardrobe like a smart ladies blazer?

We suggest you write down 3 occasions where you feel your sheath dress would fit in. If you can do it with ease, then you have the right dress.

Experiment with different colours

If you are about to lose your sheath dress virginity, then opt for neutral base colours first. Add a statement accessory and you have taken your first step into the delightful world of sheath dress fashion. Once you learn to adore the look then it’s time to experiment with bolder and more dashing colours.

Think of layering

With very small but effective layering can transcend your sheath dress look in an instant. For example, a sleeveless sheath dress is a wonderful choice for the summer.

However, always look at ways of how adding a piece of quality layering can enhance your dress. Check your existing wardrobe to see if you have elegant ladies cardigan or jacket that can fuse effortlessly with your sheath dress. Always be ready with different options.

Ramp up your sheath dress look using accessories

Where do we start heah? Things as simple as a classic silk scarf, colourful belt, dazzling brooch, feminine handbag or even chic eyewear are just some accessories to glam your sheath dress finish.

Statement jewelry can be fab for great nights out that can be matched with a pair of strappy heels, and clutch bag.
If the occasion is more relaxed for a nice summer days out, pair your sheath dress with a straw tote bag, pair of flats and lady like summer hat.


Ways to style your sheath dress this summer


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