Tips to help you wear oversized tailoring the right way Ireland

Tips to help you wear oversized tailoring the right way

Tips to help you wear oversized tailoring the right way. You may think that a suit needs to be fitted and neat. And we did too. However, it turns out that everything we knew about suits is wrong. For the past few years, designers have been making the case for tailoring that is big, bold and oversized.

Think coat-hanger shoulders and jackets that hang off the body instead of cling to it. Oversized is a fresh way to do tailoring while exuding big suit energy. Here’s how to do it the right way.

Size Matters

There is a fine line when it comes to oversized tailoring. Nobody wants to look like they have borrowed their dad’s jacket. First, you need to buy pieces that are purposely overblown and not just a size bigger than you usually are. Oversized are exaggerated in certain areas, usually the legs or shoulders.

Men's Double Breasted Coat from Jack & Jones

Men’s Double Breasted Coat from Jack & Jones

Double Up

We don’t mean pulling a Joey in Friends and wearing everything at once. Here, we are talking about double breasted jackets. Which is a trend definitely gaining momentum. It’s gives a structured boxy shape which looks relaxed while open. Look for styles with either four buttons or a modern single-button closure.

Be Realistic

One size fits all is certainly not something that can be said about oversized tailoring. This means that this is one trend that should be approach with caution. Having a good stature and shoulders with some height will make oversized tailoring ‘hang’ well.

Men with a slighter frame should go for a more regular fit and experiment with wide-leg trousers. similarly, stockier men should avoid oversized tailoring as it can add more bulk.

Keep Things In Proportion

There’s a fine line to be made when it comes to making a statement with fashion. And balance is often crucial. With an oversized coat, this may mean ditching your skinny jeans.

A slimmer silhouette or even a slight flare can balance everything out. Chunky trainers work too. Avoid anything too dressy. This will make your suit look like a uniform and makes anything oversized look out of place.

Hugo Boss Deean Coat from Louis Copeland

Hugo Boss Deean Coat from Louis Copeland

Materials Matter

Not to sound shallow. But when it comes to tailoring, you need to think about material. As a rule of thumb, heavier fabrics work best for oversized proportions.

This is due to them having more structure and they tend to hang better. Opt for natural fabrics such as wool or cotton. Any bright colours and prints should be avoided as they engulf your frame and dominate your look. Let your silhouette make the statement and not the fabric.

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