How to tailor your jeans to get the right fit

How to tailor your jeans to get the right fit

How to tailor your jeans to get the right fit. It’s important to find jeans that fit your figure. However, if you find a pair that don’t exactly fit you perfectly, don’t panic. There’s plenty you can do to customised an almost-perfect pair of jeans. Here’s our guide on how to hem jeans properly, what to expect at the tailors and what to do before you go.

Know What To Alter

When it comes to denim, there are things that are not easy or too expensive to have altered. A pair of jeans should fit you in the waist, hips and crotch.

If jeans sit too low or high on our waist, squeeze your hips or are too loose or don’t fit your crotch properly, it’s best not to buy them. However, some issues can be addressed. These include jeans that are too long, too baggy or have gaps at the waist.

Super Slim High Rise Jeans from Zara

Super Slim High Rise Jeans from Zara

Adjust The Length

Shortening jeans that are too long – or hemming them – is generally the easiest alteration to make. A tailor can shorten your jeans by cutting the fabric and redoing the seams or tucking them under and stitching them.

The Original Hem Method

An original hem involves removing the hems of the jeans and reattaching them after excess fabric has been cut away. While this is a more costly method of altering your jeans, it ensures the hems are correct.

The Inside Hem Method

If you would rather not cut your jeans, ask your tailor for an inside hem. They will fold under the extra length and stitch it in place without cutting your jeans. As a result, your jeans appear shorter. This is a good method if you don’t know how long you want your jeans to be. However, it’s better for a short-term solution.

Altering Legs

Alright, so you’ve found jeans that fit at the waist, but the thighs are too baggy for your liking. Luckily for you, tapering jeans at the leg is straightforward. So long as you are not changing the style too much.

Typically, your tailor will have you try on the jeans and pin them along the seams. The jeans are then turned inside out and sewn to create a slender look. The extra fabric may be cut away or just sewn inside.

If you are taking in the calves of your jeans as well as the thighs, you may need to get them re-hemmed.

Reduce The Waist

Women with an hourglass shape – curvy hips and small waist – often find it difficult to find the right jeans. However, if you are going to get your jeans tailored, you need to be careful.

It is not usually advisable to take in jeans more than 1.5 inches at the waist. Take off more and you risk changing the pocket position and front shape of the jeans. Not to mention you may have to alter the hips to maintain a proper line. It’s often easier and cheaper to wear a belt or find a jean that suits your body better.

Mid Rise Slim Fit Jeans from Next

Mid Rise Slim Fit Jeans from Next

Before Altering Jeans

Before you get someone to alter your jeans, wash them a few times. To do this the right way, turn them inside out and wash them in cold water. Then, hang to dry. Washing them a few times for tailoring them will stop them shrinking further. As a result, the tailor will be working with their final shape and size.

When taking your jeans to the tailors, make sure to wear the shoes you will wear most often with the jeans. This will help the tailor get the right length.

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