Ladies brown shoes

The best colours to wear with Ladies brown shoes

The best colours to wear with Ladies brown shoes

Black shoes are a staple in many women’s wardrobes. However, there are time when you want to break away from black and try something different. Enter brown shoes. There are warm and natural and give your outfit a totally different vibe.


Whites, creams, blacks, greys, tans, ivories and taupe are all neutrals. And that means they usually go with everything. However, some combinations are easier to pull off than others.

Try wearing brown pumps with a grey skirt. It’s doable but you need to pay attention to detail. If your skirt is dark grey, you need to wear dark brown shoes. And you’ll need to mix other brown tones into the rest of your look. But a pair of tan shoes will compliment any grey skirt. Especially in the darker range.

Mid Block Heel Slingback Pump from Dune London

Mid Block Heel Slingback Pump from Dune London


Combining black and brown elicits some controversy in the fashion community. However, when done well, black and brown can make an interesting and dynamic combination.

Be sure to incorporate both colours throughout your outfit. Try pairing dark brown shoes with black tights and black dress. To finish the look, match a brown belt or bag to your shoes exactly. To really pull your look together, go for jewellery that works well with both colours. Think of copper-toned colours or gemstones.

Blues & Pinks

Blues and pinks may not be the first colours that come to mind when you think of brown. But it can work well. If you know how to style it right. Most shades of blues work well with brown, especially turquoise.

The most commonly blue piece of clothing is jeans. And not matter the style, be it straight, skinny or flared, blue jeans look great with brown shoes. Dark brown sandals look smart with denim capris, crop jeans or shorts.

Another winning combo is chocolate brown and pink. The contrast of pastel and dark brown is a yummy one. Kind of like a chocolate with a cherry filling.

Steve Madden Lillie Court Shoe from Arnotts

Steve Madden Lillie Court Shoe from Arnotts


Conventional fashion advice would tell you that metallics tend not to go with brown. So, it’s generally best not to go there. Metallics that are a shade brighter or darker than your outfit pair better with silver, gold or bronzed shoes.

But we are firm believers that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. If you want to wear something or pair two colours together, do it. If you have dark brown shoes, stick with metallic pinks or yellows. Think golds, copper, bronze or brass.

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