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How to choose the right bikini for your body

How to choose the right bikini for your body

Forget the saying that the bikini isn’t for everyone as it’s simply not true. Yes it takes body confidence to wear one but there is a bikini design for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Unlike the all in one Ladies swimsuit, the bikini is broken down into 2 pieces. Yes there is more flesh on display but given the right choice of design, there is no reason why any gal shouldn’t enjoy the summer freedom of the bikini.

We have picked out a few things to remember when shopping for the perfect bikini. Our simple guide will help you choose one that makes you not only feel confident, but look good too!

Invite a trusted friend to help you choose

Everyone has a trusted friend who is there to give us an honest opinion about our choice of fashion. This is going to be ever so important when choosing the right bikini for you.

They will give you their trusted opinion on your choice of bikini that look good on you. If they like it then it will help you feel more confident.

Padded triangle bikini from H&M

Padded triangle bikini from H&M

Choose colours that work for you

This is important when choosing a bikini as you need to know what colours suit your skin tone. Here are some choices based on individual coloured skin

Warm skin tones: Brown, green, coral or even olive
Cool skin tones: Different shades of greys, purple or blues.
Dark skin tones: Whites or even neon colours
Pasty pale whites: sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green.
Tanned skin tones: Metallics like silver or gold

Another great fashion tip to remember is choose a bikini that includes your eye or har colour in the pattern.

Keep your design simple

This is key when choosing a reliable bikini that will serve you well for many summers to come. Forget about current fashion trends and opt for a simple or classic design bikini. This way you won’t have to worry yourself about difficult straps or ties.

Opt for a cut design that will flatter your body shape

We all know that each body composition are different right? That’s what makes each one of us special. A bikini that may look great on the like of Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner doesn’t mean it will look good on you.

This why it is important to choose a bikini that is going to flatter and compliment your body. Here are a few things to remember.

Ruffles bikini from Mango

Ruffles bikini from Mango

For large busted gals: Ensure your choice of bikini top has wide and comfortable supportive straps to keep your boobs in place.

Pettie Ladies: Opt for high waisted bottoms which offer adequate cover to the stomach area.

Pear shape women: Consider bottoms with adjustable ties that you can adjust according to your body size.

Girls who lack confidence: This is OK as you have to start somewhere. Opt for a tankini or a bikini which comes with short style bottoms.

Small chested gals: Opt for a bikini that has ruffled detailing or patterns to the top. This offers camouflage to the chest area.

Always try before you buy

Ladies, this is so important as you want that bikini to not only looks great but is your fit. There is no such thing as the perfect standard size bikini given manufactures each have different cuts.

Move around and stretch your arms when trying on your bikini. Try doing sit ups while wearing it and putting it through the mill.

Remember, you need to ensure it can hold in place which will avoid any embarrassing moments by the pool or beach. This is why you need to try on your bikini to make sure it feels comfortable before purchase.


How to choose the right bikini for your body

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