Ways to style different type men’s sweaters this summer 2020

Ways to style different type men’s sweaters this summer 2020

Ways to style different type men’s sweaters this summer 2020

Once upon a time it was considered old school fashion for any men to don a sweater. They were normally associated with school old headmaster or train spotters with anoraks. Oh how the times of fashion have changed thanks to the intervention by male sports stars and celebrities.

The likes of David Beckham and Pep Guardiola have made them a true fashion staple for men of all ages to enjoy as a piece of fashionable layering.

The beauty about the men’s sweaters of today is they come in so many different designs and materials that they are wearable all-year round.

Whether worn with a slim fit pair of men’s jeans, to smart men’s trousers, the sweater can take your look from zero to hero in an instant.

A word of warning to all you fashionable males out there. It’s not just a matter of throwing on any old sweater and hoping for the best. No, a sweater has to look good on the wearer for any fella to pull of that stylish look.

The colours, material and matching attire have must sync with together for that perfect finish. We have put together a quick guide to finding the right man’s sweater for you.

Different ways to wear sweaters

There are many different ways to wear your sweater and thanks to today’s innovative designs and colours, they can be worn with the following

  • The sweater and suit look
  • A sweater and casual blazer finish
  • The modern man denim jacket and sweater look
  • The street look of sweater and leather jacket finish
  • Go chilled sweater and bomber jacket look
  • The relaxed sweater worn with tee and jeans
Get the sweater fabric right

For any guy looking for the perfect sweater then our tip is to avoid any made using synthetics like polyester-viscose. They just don’t look right or wear well.

The only choice when it comes to material must be cottons, merino wools or the luxurious cashmere.

Ways to style and wear a crew neck sweater

The crewneck sweater AKA pullovers take their origin from activewear designs. This is prior to them becoming popular apparel in the early 90’s.

These sweaters are normally made using cotton. However in more recent times, more dressier and luxurious fashion retailers have introduced more classier wool or cashmere designs.

From slim to bulky ribbed numbers, pick ones that suit your own lifestyle. For instance if you live in a warm climate then light woollen mix is the perfect choice. The main thing is to remember is make sure the colour fuses with the rest of your outfit and it acts as comfortable layering.

The v-neck sweater affect

OK, there are a few ways to approach the v-neck men’s sweater look. The first being the smart casual affect where the sweater is work with a collar.

Second up is for those trendy guys who want to do a solo run and wear them on their own. A good quality man’s sweater is perfect for workwear as it can be worn over a shirt or jeans.

Going back to what we said earlier, this is why it’s important to invest in a quality sweater. You want it to hold it’s shape after cleaning. Pastels or neutrals are always a safe colour choice. This makes it easier to fuse with a plan shirt underneath.

For those of you guys who have the physic to pull the solo look (worn on its own during warmer weather) cashmere or soft wool is the only choice. It has a relaxed look about it plus feels good on the skin.

The likes of neutrals or pale blue and creams are a great wardrobe choice. You will find these are easier to fuse with other items in your wardrobe.

The roll neck sweater finish

This is a fab look as it allows for a bit of dressing up with a smart casual finish effect. This was a hit look of the 1970’s which in recent times has made its way back into the men’s sweater styling charts.

The Roll neck sweater offers versatility to any man’s fashion look. From the monochrome wool number that fuses effortlessly with asuit or man’s blazer, to wearing with a bomber jacket for that smart street look effect.

One thing we will say is to always consider neutral colours when choosing your roll neck sweater. The likes of camel, beige, and khaki hues allows for mixing and matching with various outfits.

Embrace the shawl collar sweater

No, before you think it, this is not an old man’s look at all, far from it. Trendy celebs of today like David Beckham and Daniel Craig can be often spotted wearing these designs when out and about.

Popular shawl collar sweaters normally are made from wool or cashmere that come in a ribbed weave. This design method allows for the thickening of the fabric using heavyweight yarns across the warp or weft.

This helps it lift the density of the garment. It can be worn as formal over a suit to being paired with jeans. The most important tip here is keep the colours of your sweater neutral at all times.

The scoop neck sweater finish

Unlike its brother, the crew neck that is designed with a narrow collar and slimmer proportions, the scoop neck commonly has a looser shape, though there are slimmer options with wider open neck finishes.

These normally come with heavy textured detailing. You will notice that scoop neck sweater designs include lots of ribbing, and cable weaves. This fashion style tends to lean towards a more casual low-effort aesthetic look.

A few good looks to consider are a grey cable knit worn with black jeans and boots. Because of its total chilled look, complete with fisherman beanie. Beware though, this look is more summery than suitable for winter.


Ways to style different type men’s sweaters this summer 2020

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