How to fake flawless skin with makeup

How to fake flawless skin with makeup

How to fake flawless skin with makeup. Very few people wake up with flawless, spot free skin every day. Even your favourite models and celebrities suffer from acne or blemishes from time to time.

However, most of us need the help of a few trusty products to fake a flawless complexion. But a lot of us are using the wrong ones. To help you fake it until you make it, here’s how you can use makeup to get flawless looking skin.


It’s important to know that you can only cover the redness of the pimple and not the pimple itself. Your best bet is to get a green colour corrector to cancel out the redness.

Use the tip of a sponge to dot the product directly on top of your blemish. Then, blend slightly at the sides. Next, take some translucent powder and pat it over the spot to set. Take some concealer the same shade at your skin tone and apply on top. Add one more touch of powder and you’re done.

Under Eye Circles

First things first. Choose a creamy formula. Anything too dry will settle into your fine lines. This will make your dark circles disappear, but with the cost of making you look older.

Make sure to hydrate your under eyes first with a moisturiser and let it sink in for a few minutes. Then, apply your concealer at the inner corner of you eye, using a small brush or sponge. Using a dabbing motion, blend out very gently.

Pretend you are drawing a triangle with the base under you eye and the tip towards your cheek. This will trick the eye into thinking your whole face is lifted.

Another trick to help you cover dark circles is to use colour corrector. If your dark circles are blue or green, use an orange or peach toned colour. This will help to neutralise any darkness.

Dull Skin

If you have tinges of yellow around your face – common in the winter – think of the spring and pick some lavender. Concealer. It will help to counteract the yellow tones and brighten your complexion.

However, you need to ensure you blend in this product well into your skin, so you don’t see any purples tones. Just use enough to cover the yellow.

Cover Tattoos

Before you attempt to cover any tattoos, you need the right product. Make sure you are using an ultra-pigmented foundation or concealer. Try the Dermablend Leg And Body Makeup. Gently blot the product using a sponge. However, don’t blend it in too much. You want the product to sit on top of your tattoo to effectively cover it.

Let it dry for a minute or two, then apply a layer of translucent powder on top. Follow with another layer of concealer or foundation if needed and finish with some powder to set your work.

Discoloured Skin

If your skin is discoloured, look for a concealer or foundation with peach or gold tones. This will help to soften any dark spots on your skin. If you want to target specific areas, apply your concealer directly using a thin brush or tip of a sponge.

Then, pat using your finger to blend it into the skin. Use a powder foundation all over the face to even everything out. If you suffer from overall discolouration, use a gold or peach sheer foundation. You can then go back in with a heavier cream product in the same colour. Make sure to blend whatever product you use in well.

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