5 essential pieces every petite woman should own

5 essential pieces every petite woman should own

5 essential pieces every petite woman should own. As someone 5’3 or under, it can be a challenge choosing what items to have in your wardrobe. Some clothes can swap your figure. But choosing clothes that fit too tight can emphasise your tiny frame. To help you create a stylish wardrobe that will help you feel confident as a petite woman, read on for our tips.

Wrap Dress

A wrap dress belongs in everyone’s wardrobe as it is universally flattering. If petites choose just one dress, make it a wrap one. The surplice styling and the V-neckline are flattering features as is the skirt style. It can either be a pencil skirt or A-line.

White Button-Down Shirt

It’s a fashion basic. It’s goes with everything and is timeless. Yes, we are talking about the white shirt. To get the most fashion mileage, choose one with classic styling. Pointed collar, long sleeves, button-down front and a cotton fabric. For a flattering finish, leave some of the buttons undone on top for a V-neckline.


A deep V-neck camisole can be intimidating to wear as it can look too revealing. To help cover any areas you don’t want to show, layer a top over your camisole.

Dressy designs can come in handy, too. A beaded or lace camisole can work with a pencil skirt for special occasions. For a taste of double fashion duty, you can get shapewear in cami styles. It’s not necessary to find a camisole made for petites as the extra length won’t make a difference or can be shorten easily.

V-Neck Top

A t-shirt is something everyone should have in their wardrobe. It can be paired with just about everything from jeans to skirts. To help petites look taller, choose a V-neckline. For casual wear, go for a cotton blend but if you want something dressier, silk is the way to go.

Straight Leg Jeans

And ones in a dark wash. You can tell if a jean has a straight leg by folding the leg and bringing the hem to the knee. The width should be the same if the leg is straight. It’s best to avoid skinny jeans if you are on the petite side as well as light colours. These can make you look bigger and shorter.

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