4 iconic men's jumper

4 iconic jumper designs that will never go out of style

4 iconic jumper designs that will never go out of style. Everyone from James Dean to Ernest Hemmingway has made knitwear look good. And the fact that men are still wearing knitwear today proves that it is a classic.

Just remember to keep yours clean and packed away airtight. It’s the oils from the skin that attract moths. To keep your style looking fresh, here are men’s jumpers that will never go out of style.

Crew Neck

The crew neck is arguably the most versatile of all the knits. The simple design can be worn with everything, from a t-shirt or shirt, a suit or check blazer.

To get the most wear out of this jumper, choose a plain design. However, you can go towards intarsia – a random pattern or image knitted onto a jumper. If that is your style, go abstract. This will help you not look like you are wearing a Christmas jumper. Or contracting CJD. Christmas Jumper Delusion. The belief that you can wear Christmas jumpers at any time of the year.

Roll Neck

The roll neck is positively medieval in origin. It was created to protect knights from chafing chainmail. Jump forwards a couple of millennia and the style is still popular today.

Arguably, the roll neck works best when paired with a suit. It liberates men from needing a shirt and tie. However, the casual pairing of chinos and a roll neck works too.


A chunky cardigan with a shawl collar is a wardrobe staple. It’s comfortable and comforting, making it the ideal house coat. But, thanks to the likes of Steve McQueen and John F. Kennedy – who wore theirs over a white t-shirt or button-down Oxford shirt – the chunky cardigan has become a casual classic, too.

Cable Knit

The cable knit takes inspiration from the fisherman’s rope and the diamond pattern on the fisherman’s net. It’s intricate yet functional. The wool used traditionally had a high lanolin content. This helped make it water repellent.

The proper cable knit sweater can take up to 30% of its weight in water before you get wet. So, it goes without saying that it is true winter wear and always looks good with jeans or trousers.

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