How to update your wardrobe on a budget

How to update your wardrobe on a budget

How to update your wardrobe on a budget. We tend to think that in order to update our wardrobe, we need to get rid of what we have and start again. Not only is this a waste of clothing, but also money. Here are our tips on how to update your wardrobe on a budget.

Look At Your Existing Wardrobe

Assess the clothes you have in your existing wardrobe. You should have at least one of the following: a little black dress, a white shirt, knee-length skirt, black trousers, pair of jeans, solid colour tee, jacket, heels, boots and flats. That is the foundation of any good wardrobe.

You can mix and match these items to create a number of looks without spending money of new clothes.

Take Advantage Of Sales

To make room for the new season’s stock, stores are practically giving away items at the end of the season. Typically, spring sales will around March or April. July is usually prime time for summer sales but can run through to August. And of course, you have the Christmas sales that start around the 26th and can run into January.

Update Your Accessories

Another way to keep your wardrobe looking fresh is to buy trendy and classic accessories. Jewellery and shoes can enhance your look without breaking your budget.

Mix & Match

Tired of wearing the same thing again and again. Get create by mixing your separate pieces with each other. You can easily wear tailored black pants with another key piece in your wardrobe. Or pair a colourful blouse with a pencil skirt. Mixing and matching a few items will help you create a wide range of different looks.

Invest In Classic Pieces

Sometimes, to save money, we buy cheap clothing. However, this could be a costly mistake as we often end up spending more money to replace that item. Get you money’s worth by investing in classic shapes and colours.

This way you know you have a quality item that will last you a long time. And you always have a stylish wardrobe with pieces that look timeless.

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