Tips on how to style a white t-shirt like a pro

Tips on how to style a white t-shirt like a pro

Tips on how to style a white t-shirt like a pro. The basic white t-shirt is one piece that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. Everyone from James Dean to Kendall Jenner has made a style statement out of this humble fashion item. If you wear it right, this t-shirt can be worn on dressier occasions and moment when you want to stand out.

Tuck Into High Waisted Jeans

The most stylish way to rock you plain white tee is with some high-waisted jeans. It’s simple, effective and sexy as hell. What more do you want? You can go skinny, flared or wide-legged and still look cool.

Layer It With A Lace Top

Take a cue from Kendall Jenner and wear a cropped white tee under a lace bralette. However, it doesn’t have to be lace. Get creative with velvet, silk or satin. To add a casual touch to your look, finish it off with some vintage ripped jeans.

Pair It With Your Suit

So, you may not be wearing a suit all that often. But hear us out. We think that a matching top and pants are the same thing. Coordinating separates are all you need to pull off this look. The key to wearing this look is to infuse it with a sense of whimsy. Break up a blazer and trousers with a graphic white tee.

Rock A Cropped Tee With A Skirt

Work a cropped white tee into your wardrobe by pairing it with a pencil skirt. For a simple look, finish things off with some pumps and delicate necklaces.

If skirts are not really your thing, swap it out with some high-waisted jeans. And, if wearing cropped tops sounds intimidating, it’s okay. Layer a sweater or jacket on top for some extra coverage.

Take It Back To The 90s

Many people are weary of wearing anything from the 90s. and we don’t blame you. But wearing a plain white tee under a lace slip dress can be a fun and chic look. You can dress it up or down. A white t-shirt and sneakers is the perfect day time look, while a black tee and ankle boots will work for a date.

If you are worried about the bulkiness, don’t be. You can skip the traditional t-shirt for a bodysuit. Or, wear one with a ton of stretch and that hugs your body. then, tuck the hem into a shapewear mini skirt for a streamlined look.

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