Second-hand clothes

Things you need to know before buying second-hand clothes

Things you need to know before buying second-hand clothes

We are all too aware of the damage that the fast fashion industry can have on the planet and environment. We are shopping and discarding more than ever. So, is it ever okay to buy someone’s used fast fashion?

Second Hand Is Accessible

Buying second-hand allows people to begin their journey into sustainable fashion. Even if they don’t have the means to buy consciously made clothes.

Thrifting is a great way to avoid giving your money to the fast fashion industry and questionable organisations.

It Expands Your Options

Second-hand clothing doesn’t use resources, energy and exports like ‘first-hand’ fashion does. Purchasing second-hand clothes can benefit charities and extend the lifestyle of a garment that would end up in landfill.

But Is It Actually Wasteful?

Buying second-hand clothes has begun to outpace traditional fast fashion. It has also changed how we consume, though it may be another form of mass consumption.

Many people are now using this time in quarantine to deep clean their house. This means getting rid of any clothing that they no longer need.

As many of those clothes end up in second-hand shops, this can leave those stores with more than they can manage. To avoid contribution to the fast fashion industry, many people are instead buying second-hand clothes.

Buying fast fashion second-hand may help us feel less guilty about damaging the environment. However, it doesn’t necessarily reduce our overall impact.

This is because we are still building our wardrobes with cheaply made clothing. The only way to shop sustainably is to not shop at all.

A shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle is mainly to think about your purchases and consequences. Do you really need to buy this item? And is it good quality?

Things you need to know before buying second-hand clothes

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