Colour fashion trends for men this spring summer 2020

Colour fashion trends for men this spring summer 2020

Colour fashion trends for men this spring summer 2020

When the warm weather hits us it’s not only time to switch to summer gear but lighten our fashion mood. This in affect means moving from the dark and erase colours of winter into spring summer hues.

Not that you totally have to overhaul your wardrobe but just brighten it up a bit. Blacks and navy of last season can be toned down and replaced with brighter and fresher colours of spring.

This doesn’t mean transforming your finished look to that of a rainbow but more lighter and brighter balance to your summer look.

To help all you fashion conscious men with choices of wardrobe wear this season, we have picked out some of the best colours that are trending this summer.

The millennial pink affect

Up to a few years ago it was only the bravest of men who would done the colour pink. Nowadays, pink is the “in thing” for guys who are comfortable with the modern-day fashion look.

It’s important to remember that millennial pink covers a range of pinks. These include peachy pinks, salmon and rose pink.

For effective casual dress for the summer, pinks work best with olive or brown tones. These can be paired with pale jeans or denim. Tip here is that pink is designed for men with dark skin tones

The sage green look

For some, the colour green is the new black. It’s wonderful versatility means it can be fused with anything from navy and pink even yellow.

Because it’s not a noisy colour means it’s a great colour for any guys wardrobe. Sage however is one step up from green and a firm favourite shade for the summer ahead.

The likes of pale sage pairs well with T-shirts or pair of chinos. Note that it is also suitable for over layering for that summer shirt or jacket.

For that real summer smart casual feel, pair with a fitted sage polo shirt with a nice pair of sandy chinos. The fact that sage goes with most neutrals means it ideal for any springtime or summer look.

Mellow yellow

Yes, yellow is that mellow shade that is on-trend this summer. Some fells see colour as a challenge when styling other clothes around it.

However, the trick to styling mellow shades of yellow is to tone down your look. Like pink it comes in various shades so it’s getting that tone that suits you best.

For smart to casual summer wear think honey or mustards. These infusing shades can be paired with light brown or black hues.

Think of relaxed and fitted polo shirts or cotton shirts fused with light brown chinos or black jeans. An important styling tip for those of you with light skin tones.

Take in some rays or top up on false tan before ripping the yellow mellow affect. You don’t want to look like a milk bottle wearing a rain mac.

Oh so varsity red

The colour red is a vibrant colour often associated with energy and strength. Every guy should have red items included as some part of their wardrobe arsenal.

It’s a sophisticated choice of colour that has been worn by men from one generation to the next. In recent years, red has taken great leaps in fashion from the top half or men’s dress to the bottom.

Red denim is a very popular choice in men’s fashion today. For those of your fellas who are not feeling too adventurous with their red below the belt, then opt for safeness.

A smart varsity red tee or polo shirt can fuse effortlessly with a fitted pair of blue jeans and white trainers. If you need to move from relaxed to smart casual, opt for cream chinos and brown loafers.

OK, it may not be as exciting as red trousers but it is safe and smart. Just right for the summer months ahead.


Colour fashion trends for men this spring summer 2020

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