Ladies floral print dresses summer 2020

Ways to style Ladies floral print this summer 2020

Ways to style Ladies floral print this summer 2020. With summer on the way there is no better time to inject floral as part of our fashion wardrobe. Maybe it’s the romantic feel and style that puts flare and love into any summery fashion look.

It is also the flower power of florals that bring out the best in our femininity as the weather warms up, The beauty about florals is we can incorporate it into our dress wear, jeans and tops, all having that magical power of brightening up our look on eve the dullest of days.

We take a quick look of how to get the best from your floral look this summer and ways to maximise the spirit of floral into your day and evening fashion look.

General rules to wearing floral prints
Brighten up your floral assemble

It is important that we all know how to combine our floral print look. We need to fuse bright and wonderful floral colours in a way that it adds to our own individual finish.

Water colours and pastels can combinate effortlessly with dark solids that can ensure a burst of balanced bright floral finishes to any outfit.

However, pair wisely based on the occasion. For fun events like family and friend gatherings, opt for something relaxed. The rule of thumb is pair florals with solids in the same colour and match with neutral shoes and a ladies clutch bag for the perfect finish.

Turn the tone down

As any fashionista knows, floral patterns are mostly bright and bold but you can easily turn your floral look down with by adding a some calmness and attitude to your look.

It is worth Investing money on floral prints that come in soft and pastel colours. This is one way one to tone down your floral look. Another way is to minimal your floral print look using solid colours.

An effective way to do this is to mix and match your bright florals with casual pairing that could be as simple as a denim jacket or chic leather jacket. Go for classy not trashy.

Make sure the size is right

We are all used to seeing traditional floral prints played out across international catwalks and fashion magazines. In the past, most used to put emphasis or the feminine dainty look of women.

However, this season is a game changer for floral print. Bold floral graphics on both dresses and tops are the new thing. Contrasting is key to ensure they don’t drowned out your floral fashion look.

The size of floral print should always be moderate and in size with the item you are wearing. In general, scale the floral pattern of your choice to the frame of your figure

  • Large floral patterns can overwhelm the look of petite woman.
  • Miniature patterns can look too dainty on a woman with a large frame.
  • If the garment does not have an all over floral design pay attention that placement of the print
  • Be conscious that bright, bold colours as well as high-contrast colour combos can actually add more width to your figure, compared to that of lower contrast, darker or more tonal combinations.

It is all about balance and if you are a gal who is comfortable with prints then wear whichever type of floral pattern you feel you can pull off best.

Spring is for soft floral print

Now that spring is here we all tend to be happier and think about light and bright hues. Opt for floral pieces that come in soft pastel vibrant colours that can be based on a garden theme.

Embrace the inner lady in yourself and adore floral print dresses, jumpsuits, tops and skirts. It so feminine that you will really feel like that princess that you deserve to be.

Summer is true floral fashion

Now as the full effect of summer takes hold, the days and nights are longer and warmer. This is the time to really flaunt bright prints.

However, do bear in mind that styling floral prints during the summer months does not mean you have to go flat out with head to toe vibrant floral prints. Try focusing on fusing bright summer blossoms with trendy floral pieces that reflect the happy go lucky spirit of summer.


Ways to style Ladies floral print this summer 2020

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