Fashion tips to help plus sized men dress with confidence

Fashion tips to help plus sized men dress with confidence

Fashion tips to help plus sized men dress with confidence

The fashion industry tends to be unforgiving for the plus sized man. Or it used to be. Yes, the runways are still full of tall and muscular figures. However, if you look to the high street, brands are realising that the average man is bigger. And he doesn’t want to be fobbed off by another black t-shirt.

The time for hiding a bigger body is over. And it’s shameful it’s taken this long. Every shape can be stylish with the right know-how. Here’s how plus sized men can feel confident about their look.

It’s All About The Fit

The key to looking great is to wear clothes that fit you well. However, when carrying extra weight, the temptation is there to squeeze into tight clothing. Or mask your size by sizing up.

This will not help you hide your shape. It will accentuate it. Instead, look for clothes that fit and have structure. This will help to create a flattering silhouette.

Find A Good Tailor

Fashion brands make clothes to fit the everyman. Or rather, what they think the everyman should look like. And because the fashion industry tends to forget the plus sized man, it can be hard to find clothes that fit.

That’s where a tailor comes in. think of them as a bridge between vision and reality. They can give loose shirts shape, tight waistbands more room and make you clothes fit and look better.

Be Careful Of Colour

People’s eyes will naturally be drawn to bright colours. Dark and plain colours are more flattering on bigger bodies. However, this is not to say you need to forego colour completely. A colourful pocket square will draw the eye away from your waist.

This trick works with anything up top, like a red beanie or mustard scarf.

Layers Are Your Friend

Don’t be afraid of layers. If you don’t have a gym-honed body that society is so obsessed with, build one with layers. You are looking to create shape and not bulk, so choose thin fabrics. Go for knits, chore jackets and over-shirts. They are weighty enough not to cling but also, won’t turn you into the Michelin man.

Beware Of Pattern

Patterns are a powerful thing. And the more of it on display, the more powerful it is. On bigger physiques, patterns can start to feel overwhelming. Instead, think of classic and straightforward designs. Don’t mind what anyone says about horizontal stripes widening you, you can rock a Breton top.

Fashion tips to help plus sized men dress with confidence

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