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How to style statement sleeves this season

How to style statement sleeves this season. Add a touch of excitement to your look with some statement sleeves. From bell shapes to flounce designs, attention grabbing sleeves are stealing the show. Here’s how to make a statement with your sleeves this season.

Bell Sleeves

One of the biggest sleeve trends in recent years is the bell sleeve. They are fitted at the shoulder and flare out towards the wrist. While hippy and bohemian designs are still around, today, the bell sleeve has a modern twist.

You can wear extra-wide flares that tie at the elbow. Or you can choose a more ruffle design. To pull of this trend, keep the rest of your look simple. The sleeves make enough of a statement on their own.

Bishop Sleeves

Bell sleeves may look sleek. but bishop ones look soft and feminine. They are commonly found on flowy dresses and work best in sheer fabrics. The sleeve balloons out towards the lower arm before gathering in a cuff at the wrist.

Flounce Sleeves

Similar in design to bell sleeves, the flounce design is slightly more subtle and feminine. The sleeve is design by attaching a separate piece of fabric to the end of the arm. This creates a ruffle that flares out. The size of the sleeve is up to you. You can be dramatic with a big one or subtle with a small design.

Both types are on trend and make a statement in their own way.

Ruffle Sleeves

To up the ante from flounce sleeves, get yourself some ruffle ones. They are loud, fun and perfect for making a statement. To get the most out of them, choose different styles and colours.

Whether the ruffles completely cover the sleeves or start at the elbow, they will always grab people’s attention. Pair your ruffle sleeves with simple designs such as cropped, straight leg trousers.

Cold-Shoulder Sleeves

Perfect for women who like to bare a little skin, cold-shoulder sleeves are cut out on top of the arms. Despite making less of an impact of off the shoulder sleeves, cold-shoulder ones are more practical. This is due to them being more supportive and the sleeves looser.

Meaning you don’t have to worry about your top slipping down. As well as their practicality, their style is also beautiful and pairs well with long, flowing silhouettes.

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