How to check if your perfume is expired

How to check if your perfume is expired

How to check if your perfume is expired. Finding a perfume, you are obsessed with is like winning the lotto. And once you have found your signature fragrance, you want to ensure its longevity.

No matter how great, all things come to an end, but how do you know if your perfume is expired? Does it expire? Here is how you can check.

Typical Shelf Life

Most manufacturers recommend tossing your bottle after one or three years – check your label. However, since fragrance does not expire in the same way as food, this isn’t a strict rule.


Perfumes do not tend to fade in intensity. However, the scent tends to become oxidised, sour or sometimes acidic. In other words, too much oxygen inside the bottle alter the molecules. Different formulas are more prone to oxidation, which is why some scents last longer than others.

Keep Away From Light

Although it may look cute to display your perfumes on your windowsill, this can often be the worst place. The light that shines in can break down molecules in the perfume. Thus, making its composition unstable and prone to oxidising.

…And Heat

Heat will also break down perfume molecules and alter their chemical makeup. Try to keep your fragrance below 15 degrees Celsius to prolong its life.

Keep Using It Until It Is Empty

When the bottle is half empty, the oxygen inside can increase the risk of alteration. Most people today have about four different fragrances in their homes, alternating from one to the other. Try to keep using the same perfume until it is empty. Then, you can move onto a different fragrance.

Store In A Closed Cupboard

With water, heat and humidity, the bathroom may not be the best place for your perfume. Instead, try a vanity box out of direct sunlight. Or you can keep your perfume is their original boxes in your bedroom.

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