Tips on how to master the boiler suit trend

Tips on how to master the boiler suit trend

Tips on how to master the boiler suit trend. It is more casual than a dress yet edgier than a jumpsuit. It is the boiler suit. They are easy to wear, easy to style and quick to throw on. Even so, they can be tricky to figure out, style wise. Especially if you haven’t worn one before. To help you out, here’s our tips.

Why Pick A Boiler Suit?

Originally a workplace staple during the industrial revolution, the boiler suit has made a fashionable comeback. If you are tempted to wear this trend by don’t know if it is for you, here are three reasons to get yourself a boiler suit. And also, tips on how to style it.


Do you constantly readjust your jeans or fiddle with your top? Get yourself a boiler suit. They are quick to throw on and are surprisingly easy to wear. And thanks to the clean lines and functional details, they are a practical piece of fashion.


Some trends come and go. However, as a boiler suit is a timeless piece, it’s worth the investment. Not only is it something that flatters most body shapes, but the design can be worn season after season.

Wear it with a teddy coat for a snug yet stylish look. Or put a touch of spring in your outfit with a striped top.


If you are a fan of wearing a jumpsuit, a boiler suit is the next step. Think of them like cousins. Unique and original, your boiler suit can help to inject some fun into repetitive wardrobes.

To ensure this piece is easy to style, try and stick with neutrals colours like black or brown.

Ready For The Weekend

To take you from work to the weekend, dress down your boiler suit with hoop earrings, white trainers and a padded coat. Both functional and fashionable, this look will keep you comfortable on the go.

Glam It Up

We know that a boiler suit is more on the casual side of things. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot go glam. Have fun with your look by wearing statement jewelry or a cross body bag. Luckily, boiler suits pair just as well with block heels as they do with trainers.


No matter how you choose to wear anything, you need to wear it with confidence. However, this is easier said than done. This is where the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ comes in.

Whether it is accessorising with your favourite jacket or piece of jewelry, wearing your boiler suit with something you love will instill confidence.

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