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How to colour block your outfit the right way

How to colour block your outfit the right way. Colour blocking is a trend that will help you create chic outfits effortlessly. It’s all about statement pieces and, of course, colours. This will help you create a stylish and simple look. Here’s how to colour block the right way.

Start With Two Colours

The first step to colour blocking is to choose a colour palette. Start with two shades – a neutral and a bright. The neutral shade will help to create a palette that you are comfortable with. Go for white, black, taupe or grey. This is due to them working best with bold and bright colours.

Pair neutrals with a bright colour like fuchsia or cobalt. If you feel these are more in your comfort zone, you can opt for jewel tones. Think deeper, richer colours like maroon or eggplant purple.

Add A Third Or Fourth

Take things up a notch by adding one or two more colours into the mix. A way to do this is to opt for a colour that’s a different hue of your non-neutral shade. So, if you are wearing white and orange, go for a coral colour. Bright blue works perfectly with navy or baby blue.

Choosing a different shade you’re already wearing will help to create a cohesive look. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with colour. Choose a hue that is completely unexpected.

Pink and yellow, orange and blue or blue and green. Start by looking at the colour wheel and see that shades compliment each other.


When it comes to colour blocking the right way, accessories can make or break your look. With the perfect clutch or belt, you can bring your whole outfit together.

After choosing your colour palette, look for accessories that compliment it. They can be in a colour you’re already wearing or one that coordinates it. A bright blue dress under a black blazer works well with a turquoise clutch or shoes.

If you’re already wearing three colours, stick to accessories in one of those shades. The bolder the better. Think wide bangles, waist belts or envelope clutches. Keep away from embellished and detailed accessories.

Stay Away From Prints

While we all love our prints, they are not made for colour blocking. Colour blocking is exactly how it sounds – wearing blocks of colour. Prints take away from the ‘blocked’ visual.

Stick to clothes, accessories and shoes that are solids colours. This will give these plain and simple pieces a chance to shine in your wardrobe.

Wear Separates

Colour blocking your outfit is easier when you wear separates. Pairing a shirt with a skirt instead of a dress will give you the chance to colour block with ease.

However, if you do want to wear a dress, layer it under a blazer or cardigan. Or you can finish the look off with tights. Using several pieces of clothing will let your designate one colour to each piece, making colour blocking simple.

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