The fashionable way to wear men’s gilets this summer 2020

The fashionable way to wear men’s gilets this summer 2020

The fashionable way to wear men’s gilets this summer 2020. The gilet is the fashionable answer to every guys dream when it comes to keeping warm and stylish. It’s neither a jumper or coat and helps to keep any guy cool when there is a dip in temperatures.

For the modern men of today, the gilet is that extra piece of layering that is adaptable fashion that has multi-functions for various occasions.

From sportswear to smart casual fashion, the gilet has your covered. Available in many different fabrics and designs, the gilet can be worn as a dress me up or down piece depending on the occasion.

It’s versatility means it’s also great for summer wear or winter layering. Today we are going to concentrate on how to wear your gilet during the spring and summer months ahead. These are ways to maximise the look of your gilet, whatever the occasion.

The gilet look right for outside workwear

This is going to be a gilet that is designed for outdoors which is made up of hard-wearing fabric such as canvas or denim. Also ensure it is waterproof in case you get caught up in any summer showers.

Bare in mind that it’s for workwear so you want your look to be relaxed. Your look should include that loose fit. It needs to give that contemporary feel that excludes anything bulky so you can wear in both indoors and outside. Pair with jeans or cargo pants and add a checked shirt for a real trendy workman’s look.

The gilet look for hikers

This needs to be both waterproof and offer some type of thermal insulation. It is also going to be a bit bulkier that a workman would wear. Pockets are going to be key for storing things like keys and your phone.

Because you are outdoors, the checked shirt and durable, quick-drying fabrics such as spandex or nylon pants are perfect bottom choices. Keep your colours balanced and opt for navy or blue gilets that can be easily paired with neural coloured bottoms.

Let’s go smart dress with your gilet

OK, this is where it gets a bit more complicated but you can cope. Your gilet needs to be of slim fit design so no bulky gilets allowed. You still need it to offer that fashionable look as well as warmth.

Navy, black and grey gilets are the perfect choice here as they can blend in with the rest of your wardrobe. These can pair with trousers or men’s chino’s for the best affect and fused with a plain neutral coloured long sleeved shirt or polo shirt. Opt for a nylon gilet as its light and very flexible.

The sportsman gilet

Considering your body movement attached to most sports, you need it to be lightweight plus keep your body warm. Again nylon is a great choice and plus you need it to be waterproof.

Neutral tones like navy or greys are great choices as they can be paired easily with most tracksuit bottoms or leggings.


The fashionable way to wear men’s gilets this summer 2020

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