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Ways to style your crop top this summer

Ways to style your crop top this summer

There is some things about the crop top that makes it both stylish yet practical fashion. Formally reserved for summer wear, the crop design is now an all-year round favourite of most fashionable ladies.

However, the trick like to getting the best look out of any garment is to balance the look and fit. We have put together some really quick ideas on how to choose the right crop top for you.

Get the length correct

First and formally it’s important to get the length of your crop top correct. This will all be based on the shape and height of your figure. Some crops land below the bra line while others can extend to the belly-button line.

Depending on your choice of crop top it will expose skin between your boobs and waistline. This why it is vital to pair your crop with the correct fitting bottoms.

Fashion tip: For a flattering and stylish fit, opt for a crop top which sits on top of the waistline.

This allows. By promoting the slender part of your body allows for a slimmer effect to your natural look. This especially works well when fusing your crop top with high waste bottoms.

Agree on the right fit

A quality tight fit crop top always pairs better when worn with a loose skirt or bottoms. However, for that evening occasion opt for a tighter fit below the waist finish. Pair with loose tees or tank finish styles tops fused with shorts or high waste jeans for that cool relaxed look.

Fashion tip: A short fitted crop top match better with girls of a slimmer build. However, given the range of crop top designs today are vast and suitable for girls of any shape. Just make sure your look is balance given it is the right length. A good crop top should always flatter your body shape.

The casual crop top options

Summer is nearly here and like years gone by, the crop was only ever considered fashionable during the summer months. However, that’s to a range of wonderful and creative designs, options are in abundance.

Crop top + high waist shorts: This look has summer written all over it. Your loose fitting crop shaves you tum tum. This allows for the shorts to highlight your waist for a more flattering finish. The good thing here is that you can actually adapt the look of the waist to how much skin you want to reveal.

Crop top + high waisted jeans: This look comes more into play when the sun goes down or the air turns cooler. A crop and jeans look can be completed with a nice neutral cardigan for that elegant finish.

Crop top + dungarees: Ladies dungarees are another summer favourite and popular with celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Dakota Fanning. It’s a look allows a little bit of a peek-a-boo insight to your side body.

The crop top party effect

Yes girls we now you love to party and it is summer after all. This is where you can get creative with your crop top look.

Crop top + skirt: We love tis look as it oh so summer. Opt for printed crop with a denim or light material skirt. One style trick though and that is to make sure if your top is printed then neutralise below waist. This stops your top and bottoms clashing.

Crop top + trousers: This is a bit more formal and fusing a plain crop (white) under a sheer black shirt is very stylish. Reverse it out as well with a black crop under white sheer shirt with black 3/4 trousers. Keep your colour block neutral for the best finish. Complete look with pumps or flats.

Crop top + tie front shirt: Wowzer, love love this look but extra styling and effort required girls. Aim for your shirt to sit ¾ length of your torso. This will expose your bellybutton. This look can be worn with a short or long skirt, even girl jeans.

The beauty about all these looks is you wear them with neutral heels or ladies wedges. It is also a great opportunity to accessorise with single piece accessories. Don’t overdo it though as keep the attention of the crop.

Turn pro with your crop top look

Okay ladies, this is where you are taking your crop top look up to the top floor in fashion finishes. This type of styling is for that perfect professional fashion finish.

Crop top + skirt: The good thing about the crop top design is its versatility. It can be worn in a more professional environment without cheapening your look.

Sheer tops present the best finish but your need to think plain colour blocking. A long-fitted neutral pencil skirt fused with a white crop top and sheer burgundy; cream olive shirt provides for a different chic finish.

Crop top and blazer: For any of you who follow Kim Kardashians or Kylie Jenner, you will be used to the crop top ladies blazer look. It is classy but not for the faint hearted.

You need a good bust to carry this look off successfully. A plain dark coloured crop paired with a navy or black blazer is a smart effective finish.

For fun, you can opt for the oversized jacket look as well! It can be paired with neutral bottoms but not the same colour as the coat or blazer. Add heels or pumps for that elegant finish. When accessorising, remember less is more. Keep it to a minimal.

Ways to style your crop top this summer

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