Ladies swimwear fashion trends for 2020

Ladies swimwear fashion trends for 2020

Ladies swimwear fashion trends for 2020. For what has been a turbulent few months for everyone around the world we can’t hide the fact that summer is on the way.

Longer and warmer days are just the excuse we all need to enjoy the warmth of the summer. It makes us feel happier and it is also a great chance for us to show off our bods.

Depending where you live, some places will experience more daily sunshine compared to others. However, whether you are planning to squeeze in a foreign beach holiday or simply strip down to your swimwear in Ireland, getting the right swimsuit that suits your body is important.

The right design and shape along with colours that pair best with your skin tone is the key to picking the right swimwear for you.

We have picked out some fun designed swimsuits that will be trending this summer. All are uniquely different but still stylish designs to bring out the look that bests suits you.

The long-sleeved effect

Take time to experiment with symmetry this summer and opt for that long-sleeved swimsuit. It offers protection to the arms if your skin is sun sensitive but still looks sexy. Opt for neutral colours to that can pair with bottoms once the sun goes down. A fab summer fashion finish.

Fall in love with floral

Yes, the floral swimsuit has been around since the 60’s and doesn’t look like it’s fading away yet. It’s a classic fashion design that has summer written all over it. Remember that florals are supposed to be bright so it allows you experiment with light and brilliant colours.

Miniature bottom effect

This style is a bit more daring and you will need confidence to pull this look off. It is perfect for those of you looking to pull off that all over tan look. It’s that real Mediterranean fashion style for ladies who are self-assertive. For those of you who may be a little bit more shy, it can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own garden away from prying eyes. Florals or neutrals are the right choice colours for 2020.

Back to the classic high waist look

It never went away really girls and the high waist swimsuit look is simply fab. It offers vintage vibes. Try mixing the colour scheme with this look. Bright pastels or colour blocking swimsuits will be the rage this summer 2020.

Orange hues lead the way this summer

Bright colours are spearheading most fashion trends this summer. Orange swimsuits in myriad styles are on note for the summer ahead. With so many options to choose from, make sure the orange you choose suits your tones and you are good to go!

Dare to bare with the cut out look

For those of you ladies who like to show off a little more flesh than others, then the cut-out swimwear look is for you. However, the right swimsuit fit is going to be key more than colour.

The cut-out swimsuit is something that can’t really be left to chance. It must cover your vitals in every situation. The last thing you want when frolicking in the water is any embarrassing slips revealing your modesty. Neutrals are a great choice of colour for this design.

The animal print affect

This has been popular for the past few seasons and doesn’t look like fading away anytime soon. It’s a brilliant look with so many different design options. From snake to leopard print, the animal print fashion affect is one to be enjoyed this summer 2020.


Ladies swimwear fashion trends for 2020

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