Covid19 face masks in Ireland to match your fashion outfits

Covid19 face masks in Ireland to match your fashion outfits

Covid19 face masks in Ireland to match your fashion outfits

Face marks are a new significant addition to everyday lifestyles due to imprudent spread of coronavirus in the last couple of months.

It would have been in the mind of all of us: the amalgamation of protective masks with our everyday dressing attires. Couturier Niall Tyrrell took the chance to come up the ‘twinset’ collection of dresses featuring a protective mask with embroidered embellishment on the sides.

Couturier Niall Tyrrell is a renowned Irish based bespoke fashion designer – who has dressed former President Mary McAleese for the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 2011, and also the singer Enya for the 2002 Oscars.

People are asking for masks matching the dresses they already have. So, why not buy a new one along with stylish as well as protective masks.

He came up with this unique idea of ‘twin set’ on responding to the request of clients. He believes COVID-19 will drive out a new fashion routine and the dress-matched protective marks will be a necessary accessory.

This wasn’t a big surprise to hear it coming from the Irish fashion world. It’s no one but the Irish fashion who had always been unique & innovative with their designs and attractive attributes. The world adores every small participation coming from Irish fashion. And the ‘twin set’ collection launched almost a week ago is path-breaking.

As soon as the condition gets better – people will dress up again to enter social life, we will need protective marks. Often on special occasions, concept of matching masks had already been noticed on wedding parties when the spread of the virus was in its initial stage.

Since then things have grown darker for the entire world and a lot has changed. There are possibilities when we will be allowed to step out of our homes, we might need this COVID essential accessory daily. Mr Tyrrell isn’t the only one highlighting the diligence of striking printed masks, Harry Clarke also made the list.

Both showed up a quick response to the market demands. So, what do you think will the essential protective masks become a part of our daily fashion attire that matches the designs but are still protect you from COVID-19? Tell us in the comments section.


Covid19 face masks in Ireland to match your fashion outfits


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