Morning beauty routine

Tricks to help you create a quick morning beauty routine

Tricks to help you create a quick morning beauty routine. Between showering, shaving and fixing our hair and makeup, we spend quite a lot of time getting ready in the morning. On average about 55 minutes, in fact.

I don’t know about you, but this seems like an extraordinary amount of time that could be better spent. You could sleep a little longer, make yourself a hearty breakfast or even get a quick workout session done.

So how long should you spend getting ready in the morning? We like to think it can be done in 30 minutes. Before you start rolling your eyes, here are our tips to help you do it.


We understand that a nice warm shower is the perfect start to your day. However, do you need to be under that shower head scrubbing and shaving for 10-15 minutes? Probably not.

You should be spending around 5 minutes in the shower. I know this number sounds ridiculous, but it is doable. Start by skipping out on washing your hair.

Not only will this save you tons of time, but it can help reap serious benefits for your locks. Try washing every two to three days and refresh your hair with some dry shampoo.


You’d be surprised at how long people spend on their hair in the morning. Between blow drying, curling and teasing, you spend a substantial amount of time on your lovely manes.

As mentioned above, washing your hair once or twice a week can cut down on primping time. Apply dry shampoo in the morning can help to refresh your hair and give it some volume. Learning a few time saving hairstyles couldn’t hurt, either.


Think about how much time you spend putting on your makeup in the morning? 20-25 minutes? Or maybe more?

Makeup is, for a lot of people, an important part of their morning routine. Your brows need to be sculpted. Your face should be expertly contoured. And your lips need to be lined and coloured perfectly.

Just hold on there, Picasso. You can easily get a flawless face in minutes. First, you need to have the right products. This is super helpful in cutting down your morning makeup routine.

Invest in an eyebrow sculpting tool for quick and easy brow application. Look for multi-tasking makeup, such as a BB cream and a cheek and lip tint. This will give your coverage and colour in no time. Try to focus on two facial features, like high cheekbones or a slim nose.

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