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How to create a chic look with a bralette

How to create a chic look with a bralette. Who says you must have your bra hidden underneath your clothes? When you have a stylish bralette, it demands to be seen.

From lace designs to minimal looks, the bralette is the perfect addition to any outfit. This simple piece of lingerie can transform any look into a modern and chic one.

Here’s how you can use a bralette to inject some edge into your wardrobe.

Over A T-Shirt

Ideal for infusing casual looks with an edge, a black bralette and white t-shirt combo is daring and chic. To keep your look balanced, choose a t-shirt with a crew neckline. Then, just pair it with ripped jeans and your favourite jacket.

Over A Shirt

This look is slightly more sophisticated than a t-shirt. Wearing your bralette with a white shirt will keep you looking sharp. To nail this outfit, keep your bralette minimal. Anything too thin will look flimsy worn over a structured shirt.

It helps to keep the rest of your look minimal, too. Finish with a pair of blue mom jeans and small black bag.

Under A Jacket

Wearing a bralette with just a jacket makes for a bold fashion statement. This outfit, which foregoes the need of a top, is on trend and sure to get you noticed.

This outfit works best with a bralette with more coverage. Also, pair it with edgy pieces in thick fabric. This will help balance out your look. If you are a little nervous about trying this outfit, keep the jacket buttoned with a bit of lace peeking through.

Under A Sheer Shirt

Instead of pairing your sheer top with a camisole or plain bra, try a bralette. Not only will you elevate the sheer design, you will show off your stylish bralette.

And don’t be afraid to mix in colour and patterns. A sheer shirt with an embroidery pattern can look great with a bralette underneath.

Under A Lace Top

Although lace tops make a stylish look, they can be challenging to wear. However, the bralette is perfect for keeping you covered without spoiling your look.

For a demure outfit for daytime, choose a bralette in the same colour as your top. For something more out there, opt for a different shade.

A white lace top with a black bralette underneath creates a striking look. For a contemporary finish, pair with wide-legged trouser and open-toe mules.

How to create a chic look with a bralette

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