5 stylish colour combinations to wear in 2020

5 stylish colour combinations to wear in 2020

5 stylish colour combinations to wear in 2020. Pairing the right colours can either make or break your outfit. While it can be nerve wrecking experimenting with colours, it can be good to get out of your comfort zone. From bold greens to soft pastels, here are just 5 colour combinations that you need to try in 2020.

Green & Yellow

This combo may seem a little out there but trust us. Fresh and clean, green and yellow works well on most complexions. If you are warm toned, stick to khaki, dark green or mustard shades.

If you are on the cool side of things, sharpen up your look with bright yellows and greens. Try partnering a sharp yellow blazer with a pair of jeans. Then, add a crisp white shirt with green accessories.

Pale Blue & Pink

Nothing says spring like pastel colours. Although soft pinks and blue may seem subtle, they can look great worn the right way. And they can be just as eye-catching as a pop of colour.

Try pairing a soft blue knit with a pink jacket for a fresh daytime look. Soften up your all black ensemble with pastel accessories. Don’t be afraid of combining several pastel colours. To even out the colour palette, go for a statement shoe like a white stiletto.

Orange & Blue

Orange and blue are the perfect colours to use for colour blocking your outfit. Go for blue pants and pair it with a bright orange top. If you’re looking for something different, try mixing a burnt orange top with dark navy trousers.

Whatever way you choose to wear these beautiful colours, getting the right shoe is key. A nude shade will tie all the brightness together and give the right emphasis to your look.

Pink & Grey

This is one of those colour combinations that you can wear all year round. Dark grey trousers with a soft pink top look stylish and chic. There are no limitations to how you can wear this combo. Extend the theme to your accessories to tie your look together.

Purple & Coral

Coral is one of those colours that is incredibly versatile. And incredibly underrated. Not only will it look stylish pair with a rich colour like purple, but coral goes with everyone’s skin tone.

This colour combination will give you the right amount of contrast and ensure it’s not too striking. Pair a coral top with a bright purple shoe and break up your look with gold accessories.

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