Burberry ReBurberry Edit line

Burberry unveil new sustainable ReBurberry Edit line

Burberry unveil new sustainable ReBurberry Edit line

British fashion house, Burberry have just launched their new sustainable collection called ‘ReBurberry Edit’.

Founded back in 1856, the UK brand has edited 26 styles from the SS2020 collection which is designed using sustainable material.

The launch of Burberry’s new ‘ReBurberry Edit’ collection is part of their worldwide release of dedicated sustainability labelling across all key-product categories,

This is aimed at educating their customers and providing an insight into their efforts in becoming more environmentally friendly.

Burberry’s new labels will advise customers on how each of their products meets a range of externally assured stringent criteria called “positive attributes”,

This will include the total amount of organic content or recycled natural fibres that is used in the construction of clothing.

It also informs their audience of the amount of carbon emissions and working standards they have in place at their production facilities. To add to this they are also promoting transparency in what workers are paid as well as on-going well-being programmes for workers.

At present, two thirds of all Burberry products allure to at least one positive attribute with Burberry aiming for all products to comply with all set targets by the year 2022.

Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Burberry Pam Batty confirmed that the company is midway through their Responsibility Strategy for 2022.

She said Burberry remain dedicated to delivering tangible progress against our social and environmental targets, and our holistic, product-focused sustainability programmes.

“We are inviting customers to learn more about the sustainable credentials of our products through our labelling programme. We are helping them to better understand our initiatives and the breadth of the ambition of our Responsibility Agenda. Burberry strongly believe that driving positive change through all of our products at every stage of the value chain is crucial to building a more sustainable future for our whole industry.”

Each item included in the new ReBurberry Edit includes one of the brand’s new sustainability labels.

The Edit collection features a variety of eyewear which is crafted from pioneering bio-based acetate. Their trench coats, parkas, capes and other accessories are constructed using ECONYL® which is a recycled nylon made from regenerated fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic.

Their parkas and capes are manufactured at facilities that identify and comply with energy and water reduction that have textile recycling and chemical management programmes in place. This is all part of their contribution towards sustainable fashion.


Burberry unveil new sustainable ReBurberry Edit line

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