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5 effortlessly grunge outfits you need to try

5 effortlessly grunge outfits you need to try. The grunge trend has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. However, the uniform is not how it used to be.

Although the trademarks of the trend are still around today – ripped t-shirts, baggy jeans – there are more versions that ever before. Here are just 5 popular grunge styles that you can rock with plenty of personal flair.

90s Grunge

Sometimes there is no substitute to the original. And that’s where 90s grunge comes in. Thanks to the return of this decade in recent times, rocking an edgy outfit couldn’t be simpler. Think ripped jeans, metallic jackets, baggy shapes, and clashing designs.

80s Grunge

Although we immediately think of the 90s when we hear the word ‘grunge’, the trend started in the 80s. created to oppose the materialistic glamour of the decade, grunge offered an edgier alternative for men and women.

Taking notes from punk fashion, the style includes acid wash jeans, band t-shirts, crop tops, mom jeans and leather biker jackets. Flannel was also a huge part of the trend.

Soft Grunge

The return of grunge has seen the birth of the softer side of this trend. For a lighter appearance, the grunge aesthetic is combined with modern influences.

As a result, this look is perfect for everyone who doesn’t want to change their wardrobe too much. To wear soft grunge, blend pieces such as ripped denim or plaid with a contemporary item.

Pastel Grunge

If your style leans more towards traditional feminine clothing, why not try pastel grunge? This unique look mixes edgy grunge styles with the softness of pastels.

With less black and more pinks and blues worn, this style is less intense that traditional grunge. Choose 90s fashion pieces with grunge aesthetics in pastel shades.

Alternatively, you can colour your hair a pastel colour. Although it’s easier to just change your clothes.

Indie Grunge

The perfect choice if you are heading off to a festival or concert. Although maybe not this year. However, indie grunge is a more straightforward take on the trend.

It still projects the same aesthetic; however, this style features vintage details and alternative music references. To nail this look, opt for cut-off denim jeans, oversized jackets, loose t-shirts and boots.

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