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Victoria Beckham is blasted for furloughing workers

Victoria Beckham is blasted for furloughing workers

British fashion designer has come under fire for furloughing her workers The 46 year fashion guru has reportedly furloughed her 30 members of staff as part of the British government’s Covid-19 compensation scheme.

The ex-Spice Girl come designer is reported to have utilised the government scheme which pays 80% of employee salaries as part of their deal to look after companies struggling during Covid-19.

Victoria Beckham is not the only fashion house in the UK to avail of the payment system which is there to protect employees during the COVID-19 shutdown that prevents non-essential companies from operating.

A spokesperson for the Victoria Beckham fashion brand said in a media statement “We are working hard to ensure our much-valued Victoria Beckham team are protected during this unsettled time by keeping our business healthy,”

“Having carefully assessed all our options, we made the decision to furlough a proportion of staff on an enhanced package.”

Multi-talented Victoria started her eponymous fashion label back in 2008 is today recognised for award winning designs worn by lots of A-list celebrities around the world.

Other to lead the charge of criticism against Victoria’s label was UK early TV show, Good Morning Britain who labelled her brand as a vanity project.

The hosts of the show pointed out that her label has that has not reported any profits since their launch. This is despite the Beckhams accumulating personal wealth that is estimated to be around €400 million euro.

TV presenters like Piers Morgan have pointed out that the furlough scheme should not be there to support prima donna millionaires.

Other leading figures stressed that at a time when millions of people are struggling it should be only fair that multi-millionaires help the country and its people opposed to looking to profiteer using taxpayers money.

Victoria Beckham is blasted for furloughing workers

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