How to style men’s pink shirts in 2020

How to style men’s pink shirts in 2020

How to style men’s pink shirts in 2020

As most of us all know, the colour pink has long been associated with females and the fairer sex. However, as fashion has evolved since the 1990’s, pink is now the in choice of colour for fashionable men.

That said, some men still find pink a challenging colour to mix into their wardrobe look. For those of you guys who find this confusing you should remember that pink actually injects diversity into any guys look.

It is also a hugely sophisticated hue that is now accepted by most as a cross gender colour. We have put together a few ways that all men should embrace the beautiful colour of pink in the fashion line up.

So, what colours go with pink?

Surprisingly enough, pink is one of those versatile colours that can be fused with other colours effortlessly. Some in particular included subdued tones, like blacks and navy.

Even greys and whites are the perfect match for pink. It can also blend with dark greens and creams. They won’t throw out your finish but be careful to pair pink right based on the occasion.

The long sleeve pink shirt look

Take note guys, every stylish man should have at least one long sleeve shirt in their wardrobe. It is a chance to break away from those traditional blues and white button-up shirts.

It’s cool to be different and that striped pink shirt can be paired easily with a navy, black or grey trousers. It’s a winning look all day or night long.

The short sleeve pink shirt finish

Now guys, this is a summer favourite for any guy looking to look great but also hold on to that smart casual look.

The short sleeve pink shirt can be easily paired with cream chinos or navy shorts for that true simmer time look. You have your choice of pinks here and salmon or cherry pinks look so stylish that you will be spoiled for choice.

The round neck pink t-shirt affect

For those of you men who love the relaxed chilled look then the pink t-shirt affect is for you. It allows you to pair with jeans and white trainers as the perfect combo.

Because this is less informal, experiment with dark or bright colours of pink that match your skin tone. This is another great summer pleaser.

Go go polo shirt pink

Now that we have established that pink offers versatility to any fashion look, then think of that pink polo shirt look. It’s dress me up or down depending on the occasion.

Wear it to the office with cream, navy or black pants and bingo, you own the look. Add men’s brogues or shoes for that true smart casual finish.

If you are planning on just chilling then fuse your salmon pink top with jeans and black or brown boots for a relaxed casual ending.

Get the occasion right with your pink shirt look

As we explained earlier, pink shirts can be perfect both casual and more formal wear, hence its versatility. If you are chilling with family and friends, then the pink t-shirt or polo are the correct choice.

This is the only real time you can determine your below the waist attire. The shirt or t-shirt can be paired with men’s jeans, chinos or shorts. The look can be completed with a pair of trainers, boots, loafers oxford shoes.

Move up a step to semi-formal or simply formal like office or occasion wear, the pink shirt is perfect. It can be worn open or with a tie. Grey, navy or black pants or suits are the only choice here.

Still, it gives you a lot to work with and dark or bright pinks will compliment your smart casual fashion finish.

How to style men’s pink shirts in 2020

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