Fashion tips to picking and styling men’s loungewear

Fashion tips to picking and styling men’s loungewear

Fashion tips to picking and styling men’s loungewear

Fashion plays an intricate part in every mean’s life today and this isn’t as part of their outdoor fashion look. In recent years, men’s loungewear has become a way for men to feel comfortable and look fab as they chill at home.

For most modern men, it’s a matter of stripping off their workwear when they get home and substituting it for comfortable attire.
With fashion now a centre point for cultural trends, fashion brands are turning their attention to producing sophisticated men’s loungewear.

What is loungewear

In general terms, loungewear is something that is worn in the comfort of your own home. Luxury loungewear consists of soft cottons or fine cashmere sweatpants or tops.

However, in recent years, men’s loungewear has ventured outside the home. Fashionable guys can be often spotted in their local stores wearing their sweats or trackie bottoms.

What are popular colours for men’s loungewear?

Because loungewear is associated with relaxation, neutral colours or the likes of greys, navy, black are the common choice. They blend in well with the surrounding décor of the home and aren’t designed to conflict with your outdoor look.

The relaxed sweatpants

Sweat pants are probably the most common choice of loungewear for any man. It’s a bit ironic that they are called sweatpants as their aim is to provide comfort and should be made from breathable material to let the body breathe.

Cotton is always a great choice material and try and avoid polyester which we don’t recommend. The most deluxe materials for sweatpants are wools, silk or cashmere.

However, these are more expensive than your natural cottons. A tip we always recommend is to check the washing criteria for your sweatpants. The last thing you want is to be forking out on dry cleaning bills if your sweats can’t be washed at home.

The chilled men’s sweater look

Just like your sweatpants, a true loungewear sweaters must have that slim look affect. However, it should never restrict movement of the body. Some key functions to look out for are tapered cuffs and hems as well as a ribbed neckline.

If prints are your thing, opt for something of a retro design. Bear in mind that for true styling your bottoms should always be plain. Navy, greys or blacks sweaters offer minimalist styling. Zips and pockets can add active detailed functionality to your finished look.

The trendy and comfortable t-shirts affect

The rule of thumb is that all loungewear must offer comfort. Remember, you are not going to be concerned about your shirt overhanding outside your pants.

Loose fitting cottons are a fab choice for t-shirt loungewear. If you are a guy with height then opt for longer fit, crew or v-neck with a slim to regular fit.

A plain collarless neutral coloured t-shirt can also be easily paired with a pair of pyjama bottoms. Basic designed t-shirts can also be fused with your day to day casual wardrobe.


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