How to apply powder cream and liquid bronzer

How to apply powder cream and liquid bronzer

How to apply powder cream and liquid bronzer. Like a lot of makeup products, bronzers come in different shades and formulas. This can make it tricky to choose the right one for you to use. Here’s a quick guide on how to use each type of bronzer.


Powder bronzers are the more traditional types used by makeup lovers and the easiest to apply. When using powder formulas, be sure to dust off any excess on your brush before applying.

Create a ‘3’ starting from your forehead, moving outward towards the temple. Then go under your cheekbone and along your jawline, using an angled brush.

Powder bronzers are also great for contouring. To make your nose appear smaller, trace bronzer along both sides using an eyeshadow brush. This will give the illusion of a slimmer nose.

Keep in mind the shades of bronzer you use. Try to find a taupe shade as opposed to a red or orange one. The latter tends to pull more orange tones from your skin, while taupe looks more natural.


If you love a more sculpted contour or heavier coverage, cream-based bronzers are the way to go. Loved by Instagram influencers and professional makeup artists, they work well with dry and mature skin. Applying your cream bronzer immediately after liquid foundation creates a more natural finish.

Dip a flat foundation brush into a cream bronzer and draw a line starting underneath your cheekbone. Then, use a wet beauty sponge to blend it out.

Apply the bronzer to your forehead, along your hairline – just be sure to blend it into your hairline so there are no streaks – and jawline and blend. Finish by contouring your nose with a concealer brush for more precision.


There’s no need to be afraid of liquid bronzers. They can be easy to work with once you get the hang of them. They are also a popular choice for makeup artists.

For those of you who want a more natural contour and colour, liquid bronzers can work well. Because the formula melts into the skin, it’s easy to blend and sits on top of textured skin like acne or eczema without aggravating it.

To bring a pop of colour to your skin, apply L’Oréal Beach Bae Face & Body Liquid Luminizer all over your face and then blend foundation on top.

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