Style mistakes

Style mistakes that make you look older

Style mistakes that make you look older

There are very few people who would choose to wear something that makes them look wider or fuller. However, you’d be surprised by the amount of people who wear clothes that make them look older. Read on to know the mistakes to avoid and maintain your youthful appearance.


While many fabrics have a youthful vibe – denim comes to mind – tweed seems to be the opposite due to its reputation. It’s mostly associated with matronly suits and vintage hunting garb.

This isn’t to say you should avoid the material completely. 80s fashion trends are back and you can update them to suit your style. If you can get your hands on a tweed blazer, keep the rest of your outfit simple with stone-wash jeans and white t-shirt.

Reading Glasses

Yes, you may need them. But, unless they are the right shape for you, no person has ever looked young with reading glasses perched on their nose.

For a youthful appearance, choose frames with a retro vibe. Many brands are bringing back vintage styles and giving them modern twists.

Grey Hair

Please don’t kill me for saying this. Especially those of you who choose to dye your hair grey. But the truth is that grey hair can make you look older.

However, there is a certain look and certain grey that can look chic. Think of people who dye their hair a white silver colour. To avoid looking older, choose hair colours that flatter your skin tone.

Wrong Colours

One thing that will instantly make you look older is wearing colours that wash you out. The wrong hue can drain you of colour and age you.

For many, this means avoiding mauve and yellows. But this depends on your skin tone. The right colours – almost everyone looks great in bright red or blue – can brighten your skin. As a result, you look fresh and youthful.

Mom Jeans

Peg-leg jeans with a high waist – or mom jeans – can look unflattering and outdated. And this is not something you want when looking for something fashionable to wear.

However, thanks to brands like Zara and Reformation, this trend is back with a modern twist. To pull mom jeans off, keep the rest of you outfit simple with a plain white tee and white trainers. Or black ankle boots.


Let’s be clear here. There is a right way to wear your sneakers outside of the gym. Converse Chuck Taylors and Vans can look stylish with a pair of jeans on the weekend, depending on your personal style.

However, running shoes and joggers are certain to date you a little bit. Especially when pairs with outdated bootcut jeans.

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