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How to style ladies flat sandals this summer

How to style ladies flat sandals this summer

For most women, flat sandals are the only summer shoe option. This is because they are not only a comfortable piece of footwear but great from any occasion.

The good thing about Ladies flat sandals is you can experiment with different designs and styles to dress with your day or night wear. With this in mind, here are a few things to consider when applying the sandal look for the months ahead.

Ways to wear flat sandals with summer outfits

As we mentioned earlier, flat sandals go with most summer outfits. However, it’s always good to consider comfort and colour over style when choosing flats.

Solid neutral colours are a great choice for flat sandals as you will find that they can be paired with most summer attire in your wardrobe. Nudes, whites or grey can be effortlessly paired with any colour dress wear.

Keep everything in proportion

When it comes to choosing the style of your sandal it’s always important to keep your choice of style in proportion to your body silhouette.

Take for example petite gals mostly avoid the ballerina flat sandal because they think it makes look more petite than they are.

Voluptuous plus size ladies seem to follow this principle because they feel it throws off the shape of their silhouettes making it look unbalanced.

Remember, whether you are plus sized or petite or simply looking to elongated your legs, opt for nude-toned flat sandals with no straps tied at the ankles. Avoid pointy toe shoes and choose a rounder finished tip.

This gives the illusion that your figure is slenderer. All you need to do then is to add a pair of cropped jeans or summer skirt / dress to give yourself that perfect balanced look..

Look after your tootsies

Flats should be avoided at all costs if you suffer from any type of constant back pain or spine-related conditions. If you do do suffer from any slight type of back pain then consider sandals that feature some type of little arch support and a pointed toe.

Because they are sandals, your foot is more exposed to dirt or dust. If you are a constant summer sandal wearer, take 5 minutes each night to bath your feet.

Also apply soft moisturiser to the heels and toe area. This will keep your feet in good condition throughout the summer months.

The denim and sandal look

As we said previously, the sandal can go with most things in your closet. However, one look we favour is the denim and sandal look.

Choose a nice half-length denim skirt with front slit and pair with silver or metallic sandals. Fuse with a cute white or cream off the shoulder bag. This look is classy without being too in your face.

The midi dress and sandal finish

If you are looking for A-lister celebrity style sandal look then consider a nude midi dress and nude flat sandals combo. It’s the summer for peat sake so let your hair down. This look is a great day or night look and kinda chicish.

The continental summery sandal look

Synonymous for their beautiful sandy beaches, the beaches on the continent are perfect playgrounds to show off your sandal look.

Whether it’s that perfect walk on the beach to chilling around the resort bars, sandals are the only option to keep your feet cool and stylish.

One of our favourite looks for this summer is the cream or light-blue mini dress in a T-shirt A-line design. Add that colour-block summer sandals and oh la la, you are that stylish summer gal.

Back to black

Slimming and chic, yes black is back (not that it ever went away) For that fab summer night out around the bars opt for a pair of black flat sandals.

Combine this with a chic little black dress and wowza, your look is on fire girl. Black sandals also work with black skinny jeans and opulent top.


How to style ladies flat sandals this summer

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