Ladies bodycon dress 2020

Stylish ways to dress the bodycon dress

Stylish ways to dress the bodycon dress

The bodycon dress represents true styling for women who love to bring out the best in their assets while wearing a dress.

However, there are a few important things that all fashionistas need consider when styling the perfect Bodycon dress.

For a start, the fabric of the dress needs to be of thigh-quality as well as stretchy. This allows for the dress to support your figure without it making the dress tacky and to revealing.

A mid-length or bodycon dress with sleeves is the perfect way to refine your fashion look. It adds a touch of class to the overall look of your dress.

Your lines need to be seamless and this is why your underwear also contributes to your finished look. Let’s face it, a VPL can take your dress look for hero to zero in seconds.

What qualifies as a bodycon dress?

The bodycon dress design often gets mixed up with the bandage dress. There are differences between the two with a fitted bodycon dress projecting a more modest finish.

The bodycon allows for the creation of a more tailored fit which compliments the curses of the body. A bandage dress is designed to clutch the bodyline giving a more skin-tight effect.

This separates the bodycon from the bandage targeting a more stylish and conservative finish opposed to oversexed dress.

The great thing about the bodycon dress is it allows the wearer to be more selective with their choice and features of the dress.

Take for example your legs or chest area. You can inhume one area while complimenting the femininity of the other.

What fabrics make the perfect bodycon dress?

When deciding the correct fabric for your bodycon dress you have to ensure it is both flattering and feminine.
In the realm of things, thick and stretchy fabrics are perfect for any bodycon dress.

We advise to avoid any material that is deemed to be a very fine knit or silky materials. These have a tendency to be more revealing which can cheapen the overall look of the dress.

Thick and stretchy jersey fabric will support and compliment your figure, while holding the structure of the dress. This makes it more stylish and classier.

Jersey material is also super soft and comfortable. It makes it the perfect choice for everyday wear.
Another great choice of material for your bodycon dress is scuba fabric. This type of material is a great solution for that figure-hugging and fitted finish.

When choosing scuba material, please opt for a thicker fabric which negates the possibility of you revealing too much.

Ways to avert attention from your chest and bum

It’s always good to apply outfit distractions to help you maintain cover and modesty when donning your bodycon dress.

The following fashion hacks will assist you divert attention from your chest and bottom presenting you with a comfortable fitted style.

Lace is always a flattering choice

If your choice of bodycon includes a plunging neckline, opt for a dress with lace panelling across the front of the neck. This allows for a semi-sheer finish without going for the full plunge effect.

Select the neckline that suits you

When thinking of elegant necklines presume that turtleneck or very high crew-neck shapes are the only option.
OK they are modest and can actually augment your chest giving it the illusion that is bigger. A scooped neckline or soft V-neck is equally as flattering.

Fused with a long statement neckpiece like a necklace, it can elongate your figure. This averts attention away from the bust area.

By applying a simple belt to your bodycon dress will draw attention to the waistline opposed to chest or bum area. The cinch of the belt at your waist can also make your figure more flattering.

Explore the benefits of layering

For those of you who like to add layering to your bodycon dress look, experiment with items in your closet
Apply a smart white shirt under your dress. This will help cover your arms and its plunging neckline. A blazer with that tailored finish is also another great option.

The long sleeve affects

A long sleeve bodycon is beautifully stylish and that’s a fact. It can add that air of extra femininity and sophistication to your bodycon dress.

Choose a solid sleeve which gracefully elongates the arms. This gives it that perfect day to night silhouette.

If you are looking to maintain that real feminine look, apply a semi-sheer or lace sleeve instead.

The midi length rules this fashion season 2020

The midi length bodycon is on trend this fashion season 2020. It’s a dress that is predicted to stand the test of time for years to come. We think it’s certainly worth investing in a quality garment. Opt for bright colour blocks that can be easily accessorised.

Ways to keep your undies out of view

As we said previously, there is nothing worse than a VPL (visible panty line) to lower the look of a dress. Remember that your dress should represent style at all times.

You need to ensure your look is elegant and polished at all times. Picking the right underwear to go with your bodycon dress is vital.

You want your lines to be smooth and uninterrupted by ugly underwear creases. This is another reason why getting the material right for your dress is important. It can hide most g-string or thong lines.


Stylish ways to dress the bodycon dress

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