Stylish ways to choose and wear ladies shorts after 40

Stylish ways to choose and wear ladies shorts after 40

Stylish ways to choose and wear ladies shorts after 40

For some women, shorts after 40 is something they try to avoid and opt for that light summer dress instead. Maybe it’s because they are embarrassed about their changing body shape and size.

However, this should never be the case as every women’s body is beautiful and it’s how you dress your pins is what really matters.

With so many fashion options in ladies short wear available today, it’s easy for any woman to find the perfect pair of shorts to suit their shape and style.

We have put together some easy fashion tips to consider when looking for and buying ladies shorts.

Consider the length of your shorts

This is probably the biggest conundrum that all women face when looking for that perfect pair of summer shorts. You don’t want them too short or too long either so it’s about finding the perfect balance.

This boils down to the shape of your body, length and width of your legs. Whatever choice of shorts you choose you need to be confident enough to wear them. Like dress sizes the three most common length of shorts today are as follows,

The short shorts

If you have toned legs then these are the perfect choice for you. However, don’t have them too skimpy as they don’t look flattering and can cheapen your look. Opt for neutrals as they can usually be paired with tops you already have in your wardrobe.

The medium length pair of shorts

These are the most common length choice for women over 40. The beauty about these shorts is you don’t have to reveal too much leg and just leave enough on show to make you feel comfortable. However, avoid them dropping down too much and covering your knees. The perfect fit finish is having them sit 3-4 inches about the knee line.

The long short finish

Basically this is the Bermuda short style that sits on or slightly above the knee. This style is perfect for those of you ladies who have a wee bit of flab to the thighs and want to keep them off show. The good thing about Bermuda shorts is these still leave enough leg on show for you to be comfortable.

Quick sizing tricks remember

For those of you ladies who are still unsure what length of shorts is perfect for you, straighten your arms down by your sides while standing up straight.

Wherever your fingertip end beside on your legs is the best length of shorts for your body type. We always recommend that you try on any pair of shorts before purchase and stand in front of a lull length mirror. If you are comfortable with the length then you will wear them.

Avoid tight fitting shorts

This is another key thing to remember when buying any type of ladies shorts. They are uncomfortable and don’t look good on ladies over the 40 year mark.

If you have ageing things and skin in the lower region then they don’t look flattering at all. A good tip to find out if your shorts are too tight is to squat down three times. If they feel uncomfortable or too tight then they are not for you. Opt for the next size up.

Insist on good quality shorts

You want your shorts not only to look right but be of good quality as well! It is always worth investing in shorts that are made from good quality material that look and feel classy.

A nice pair of tailored fitted cotton shorts are perfect as dress me up summer occasions and are perfect for most body types.

Denim are more suited for BBQ’s, beach or back garden styling. Another thing to look for is pockets. They are practical and when included on the right pair of shorts can add a touch of class to their design.

Colour is key when buying shorts

Another important thing to remember when buying shorts is choose your colours carefully. Yes you want your shorts to look nice but remember you should be able to pair them with at least 3 summery tops in your wardrobe.

Neutrals are always a great choice as you can add colouring or design to your outfit with your choice of top dress. They can also be easily paired with sandals or shoes. However, if you are opting for bright fun colour shorts then reverse your top dress to neutral colours.

Stylish ways to choose and wear ladies shorts after 40


Photo by Samuel Schwendener on Unsplash

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