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4 of the best tips on how to fix a bad haircut

4 of the best tips on how to fix a bad haircut. We all know that crushing feeling when you’re sitting in a salon chair and realise you hate your haircut. Panicked thoughts race through your mind as you grow through the stages of grief.

Can I go back in time? It doesn’t look that bad, does it? Why did I get a fringe? And now that we are all stuck at home, a bad DIY haircut is another fun experience that we may encounter.

But remember that hair grows back. However, in the meantime, here’s some tips on how you can deal with a bad haircut.

Do Take A Deep Breath

Don’t panic. We repeat. Don’t. Panic. While it’s easy to cry your eyes out as you grieve for your hair, give yourself time. Time to get used to your new look. You may find that it not only works for you, but that you end up liking it.

What you got from your haircut may not be what you wanted, but this may be your chance for an impromptu change. Play with your new hairstyle, buy new clothes that go with it, try a bold lip colour. See what happens.

Don’t Do Anything Drastic

If it truly is a disaster, don’t try and overwork it. Go back to the first tip and remember to take a deep breath and relax. We know that that is easier said and done. But keeping calm will help you avoid doing anything drastic.

A lot of people panic after getting a bad haircut and try to fix it. This includes trying to put in hair extensions or changing the colour.

However, what usually ends up happening is that you stress the hair out even more than necessary. And this results in an even bigger mess that the one you are currently dealing with.

Do Embrace Micro Trims

If there is a look you want, make a plan and start growing towards that goal. And embrace micro-trims. Find a stylist you trust and make subtle tweaks here and there to get your hair back to the shape you want.

Don’t Go To Every Hair Stylist

There is a key to getting the right haircut for you every time. And that is to choose a hairstylist that you trust.

We all have different ways to achieve the same result and one may contradict the other. One stylist’s technique may throw off the other. This can often result in a bad haircut.

If you are looking for a new hairstylist – probably not now as we are all in lockdown – book a consultation and see if you like them and their skills.

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