Fashion tips to styling your t-shirt with a blazer

Fashion tips to styling your t-shirt with a blazer

Fashion tips to styling your t-shirt with a blazer

To some, the t-shirt and blazer look as proper styling for men is a topic of debate. Whether accepted by critics or not, the finished effect can be amazing if dressed right.

One thing is for sure, the blazer is a true fashion staple that offers versatility to any man’s wardrobe. It can be easily paired with trousers, jeans or chinos for that great formal or smart casual look.

When it comes to twinning it with clothing underneath it will lead to what looks right and what looks so wrong. For most, a nice oxford shirt or men’s polo shirt is the only choice.

In more recent years with the coming of the millennials, the t-shirt effect is now the common choice with young men.

Before pairing your tee with your blazer, there are a few fashion factors you must consider. We have put together a few fashion tips to guide you through the process.

Always ensure the t-shirt pattern is right

This is important as first of all you need to ensure that both your blazer and t-shirt are of a slim fit design. Now you need to make sure that crew neck t-shirt has minimal branding.

Shirts with no branding are the best. Think about it, you want the attention to be on the blazer and t-shirt, not any bold bright designed to the shirt.

The right colour is key

If you are a guy who loves bright colours then you have to decide if this is suited best to your blazer or shirt, you can’t have both.

Fusing 2 bright colours together is totally wrong because they will clash with each other. You want your look to be smart and fresh and not look like you have just stepped out of a circus ring.

If you choice is a bright blazer then tone down the colour of your shirt by opting for a neutral grey, black or white.

Get the length right

Any guy who wears a blazer must ensure the length is correct. The last thing you need is to give off the effect that you are wearing your bigger brothers jacket.

If it looks too short it can also give off the impression you have gained weight. The rule of thumb when it comes to getting the right fitting blazer is that it should not end past your hand or above your waistline.

All depending on the shape of your body, it should land somewhere between the two. When it comes to the correct length of sleeve there is only one rule. Your sleeves must never suffocate your hands. They land somewhere in the middle of the wrist.

The golden rule is the right fit

This again is important as the fit is key to pull off any great blazer and tee look. Thankfully the rule for getting the right fitting blazer is the same to getting fitted for a suit jacket.

The blazer is supposed to provide all men with slim look finish so ensure your blazer is slim fitted. However, you don’t want it to look like you have squeezed into it either.

if your blazer does not follow the shape of your body or is pinching in any way at the waist then it is not fitted enough. At this stage you may need to move up a size.

What’s the difference between a blazer and suit jacket?

This is a common question asked by most men and the simple answer is not much. The blazer is not tied to any particular suit trousers and can be paired with almost anything.

The suit jacket is designed to go with specifically designed trousers and is more like a smart dress uniform for formal to semi-formal occasions. The blazer offers more flexibility when styling a men’s wardrobe.


Fashion tips to styling your t-shirt with a blazer

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