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Fashion tips to wearing shoes in comfort this summer 2020

Fashion tips to wearing shoes in comfort this summer 2020. To most women, the summer heat and high heels combined can be a lethal combination and we don’t mean that in a good way. For those of you ladies who depend on heels for style or work you need them to be comfy on the feet at all times.

Although we in Ireland don’ have to suffer the blistering heat of other counties during the summer, heat can play a factor making shoes uncomfortable during warm weather.

Here are some really simple ways all women in any county can follow to prevent sweaty or slippery inner shoes and feet during a warmer climate. It’s all about style ladies and these tips can help prevent unpleasant odours at the wrong time.

The magical use of baby powder at hand

Every woman who relies on heels during warm weather should carry this around with them. It’s an essential and reliable astringent powder normally used for preventing nappy rash. However, in recent years baby powder has found its way into the cosmetic stream.

Baby powder absorbs sweat as well as preventing sliding to the feet that enables your feet to remain fresh.
It can be applied to your feet including in between toes ensuring you let it stick to your skin.

It is also important to cover the inside of the shoe to the sole and sides. A good tip is to apply tissues on the top of your heels to protect the leather from the powder. Typically this give your feet protection for up to 3 hours in high heat.

Allow time for your shoes to dry

This is important and you should always allow for any damp or sweaty shoe to dry thoroughly before wearing them again.
During the summer heat, try not to wear the same shoe two days running.

This allows for the shoe to air and dry out. Leave them out where the air can get to them opposed to putting them back in their box or closet.

Seek and find a good deodorant

This is an all year round tip but applies more to warm summer days and nights when the climate is warmer. A good deodorant is one that is specifically designed for feet use.

As a last resort in times of emergencies, the deodorant you have in your bag will be suffice. However, use this as a last resort and not the norm.

A reliable double-sided tape is a good option

If you are looking for total safety to prevent your feet sliding out of your shoes, opt for a double sided paper tape. Simply paste the tape around the inner bottom and sides of your shoes. This will help to add extra grip to your feet.

Break your heels in

It’s the last but most obvious as it’s always important to break any new pair of heels in before wearing them. This allows the shoe to get used to your feet and visa versa.

While this applies mostly for new shoes, your old pair of shoes need may need a bit of reshaping before wear. This allows for extra comfort if heat attacks.


Fashion tips to wearing shoes in comfort this summer 2020

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